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Very much so. Drinking alcohol is called ethanol. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on the other hand is very hazardous if consumed. DO NOT try to drink rubbing alcohol.

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Q: Is rubbing alcohol different from drinking alcohol?
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Related questions

What is different from drinking alcohol and rubbing alcohol?

The "drinking" alcohol is ethanol (ethyl alcohol), while rubbing alcohol is usually isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol).

What is the difference between rubbing alcohol and drinking alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol and quite toxic. Alcohol which is sold for human consumption is ethyl alcohol.

How much rubbing alcohol will make you sick?

Drinking rubbing alcohol can kill you by destroying your organs. Don't do it.

What is the usage of alcohol?

Rubbing or drinking

Can you Make rubbing alcohol drinkable?

No. Rubbing alcohol is a type of alcohol called Isopropyl Alcohol (or isopropynol). Drinking alcohol is ethyl alcohol (or ethynol). They are different at a molecular level, which means you would have to add and remove atoms to change them. You are about as likely to do this as to turn your charcoal for your BBQ into diamonds at home.

How do you do an alcohol rub?

Rubbing alcohol is ethanol or isopropyl alcohol containing a dye (generally blue) and some other additives for denaturing; rubbing alcohol is not for drinking.

Can you get drunk from drinking rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is extremely poisonous and if ingested it will lead to headaches nausea, vomiting, anesthesia and coma. <><><><> Above is good answer. Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, which is poisonous. DRINKING alcohol is ethyl alcohol.

Is it bad to swallow rubbing alcohol?

Usually rubbing alcohol contains methyl alcohol. It will kill you or at-least make you blind. Never use rubbing alcohol for drinking purpose. Specially when you have so many good alcohol beverages to drink.

What are the effects of drinking rubbing alcohol?

It can kill you! During Prohibition times the booze was cheap and many died from the effects of rubbing alcohol. ambot

What can happen if you drink rubbing alcohol?

Consuming drinking alcohol, which is highly toxic, can be fatal.

Is rubbing alcohol same as isopropyl alcohol the same?

More or less, however there are a few other alcohol compounds (excluding ethanol, which is considered a "drinking alcohol", or the type of alcohol that goes into cars) are also called "rubbing alcohol".

What are the Symptoms of rubbing alcohol ingestion?

Drinking rubbing alcohol can cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Ingesting rubbing alcohol can also cause: diarrhea, pain, bleeding in the stomach and intestines, low blood pressure, shock, and coma.

What happens if you drink 4 or more ounces of rubbing alcohol?

There is nothing good that can come of drinking 4 or more ounces of rubbing alcohol. You will get very sick.

How is rubbing alcohol and vinegar different?

Rubbing alcohol is usually isopropyl alcohol Vinegar is acetic acid

What is the IUPAC name of rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is mixture with different compositions; rubbing alcohol can contain isopropyl alcohol or ethanol plus methanol, coloring and odorous substances etc.

Does alcohol dissolve plastic?

If you mean drinking alcohol, then yes if it is high enough proof. Rubbing alcohol won't.

What are the effects of drinking alcohol?

It can kill you! During Prohibition times the booze was cheap and many died from the effects of rubbing alcohol. ambot

Why does alcohol taste?

because of the chemicals used to distill it. alcohol such as drinking alcohol has ethanol in it and rubbing alcohol has isopropyl which is a poison that can fight infection. drinking isopropyl can cause a permanent drunkness that will destroy your liver because it can not be digested.

Is rubbing alcohol safe for drinking?

No! Alcohol that is 'safe' for humans is ethanol. Rubbing alcohol and denatured alcohol are combined with other alcohols such as methanol that are poisonous. No way, not ever. The most common affect is blindness so don't even think about it!

What state of matter is alchol in?

At room temperature, it's in a liquid state. Think of rubbing alcohol, or even drinking alcohol.

Are all types of alcohol are drinkable?

No! Rubbing alcohol is not meant for drinking. There are many types of alcohol used for cleaning wounds and sterilization that are poisonous to drink.

What is different between rubbing alcohol and isoprolhyt alcohol?

They're the same (isopropyl alcohol), generally speaking. Although there might be another "alcohol" compound that also goes by the name "rubbing alcohol".

Which formula represents alcohol?

The term "alcohol" refers to a wide variety of compounds, but the most common ones will be isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol "rubbing alcohol") and ethanol (ethyl alcohol "drinking alcohol").

What happens to your insides if you drink rubbing alcohol?

rubbing alcohol is not the same as any regular "grain" alcohol. rubbing alcohol is also known as "wood" alcohol and drinking it is a BAD IDEA. the isopropanol which is thus consumed will break down into acetone and cause severe stomach pain. eventually the poison may cause blindness and death. basically drinking rubbing alcohol is drinking poison.Actually "wood" alcohol is methyl alcohol (methanol), not isopropyl alcohol or propyl alcohol. Alcohols are modified hydrocarbons with one hydrogen (H) replaced with a hydroxyl group (OH):methyl alcohol, methanol - hydrocarbon methane; 1 carbon atom (wood alcohol)ethyl alcohol, ethanol - hydrocarbon ethane; 2 carbon atoms (grain alcohol)propyl alcohol, propanol - hydrocarbon propane; isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol - hydrocarbon isopropane; 3 carbon atoms (rubbing alcohol)butyl alcohol, butanol - hydrocarbon butane; isobutyl alcohol, isobutanol - hydrocarbon isobutane; etc.; 4 carbon atomsetc.The toxicity of the different alcohols varies, but only ethyl alcohol can really be considered safe to consume.

What are the ingredients in isopropryl rubbing alcohol?

There are different types of isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You have to understand that there are different proofs of alcohol. An alcohol proof is defined as twice the percentage of alcohol volume. So depending on what proof your rubbing alcohol is ingredients could possibly change. Now to answer you question, the most common type of rubbing alcohol is the 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: -isopropyl alcohol 70% proof -trace amounts of multiple minerals that are so small they don even matter