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No, rubidium is not considered a transition metal. It is not located in the periodic table where the other transition metals are, which is mainly the d-block.


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No. Cesium is a group one metal, also known as an alkali metal along with Lithium, Sodium, Potassium , Rubidium, and Francium.

Rubidium is an alkali metal.

Rubidium is definitely a metal

Rubidium is a metal and is found in the Alkali metal group in the Periodic Table.

Rubidium is a metal because it in the Alika family, which is an earth metal.

Since Rubidium is a metal, you could say "Hi! My name is Rubidium, and my favorite music is heavy Metal!"

Rubidium is a solid and a metal.

Rb (rubidium) is a metal.

It is not a transition metal

Rubidium (symbol Rb) is a metal. It belongs to group 1 or alkali metals.

Rubidium is a group one alkali metal. In the presence of chlorine gas, pure rubidium metal will burn violently. Chlorine will take the single valence electron of rubidium and create rubidium chloride. 2Rb + Cl2 >> 2RbCl Rubidium is oxidized and chlorine is reduced.

Yes it is a transition metal.

No, it is a transition metal.

Not sure about rubidum, but rubidium is a metal.

Rubidium is a metal element. Atomic mass of it is 85.46.

Rubidium is a metal element. Mass number of it is 85.

Rubidium is a silvery-white alkali metal. It is classified as a Group 1 metal along with potassium and cesium.

Zirconium is a transition metal because it is located in the transition metal area in the periodic table

Titanium is considered as a transition metal.

Silver is a transition metal. Only Lanthanides and Actinides come under inner transition elements.

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