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No, it is not a crime because there are no charges that could be placed on the minors record. A minors parents have the choice to place the minor in a juvenile facility though.


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No I dOnt think it is if u r running away from home. But if u r running away from the police than yeah.

No, a person can not get arrested for running away at the age of 17 in the state of Missouri. If the juvenile commits a crime when they run away, they can be arrested for the crime.

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Yes, it can be punishable with probation

no, because running away is not a crime,

It not specifically a crime because nothing will go on the minors record if they runaway. A parent can have the minor placed in juvenile housing if they keep running away though.

Running away is a crime in any state. Too, many kids end up dead when they run away from home. No matter how bad you think home is, it's always worse on the streets.

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i am not sure if it is considered a crime or not.. but i know for a fact that if you run away at the age of 16 the cops are not allowed to come pick you up it is actually illegal for them to.

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