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Yes, It can cause the engine to mis-fire and it also can cause the fuel pump to over heat/fail.

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Q: Is running out of gas bad for a car?
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How do you know you have bad gas in your car?

It starts running bad and changing the fuel fixes it.

How do you tell if catalytic converter is bad?

Bad Gas milege Gives a rattling sound if it breaks down Car stops running if it is totally blocked

Car wont start after running out of gas?

If your car won\'t start after running out of gas it could be that the fuel pump was damaged.

Does running the air conditioner in your car waste gas?

You will use more gas when your air conditioner is running.

bad gas,stomach ache ,running stool.?

bad gas,stomach ache,loose stool

How do you check if my alternator is bad or my batter is bad in my car?

If the car won't start, jump it off. While it is running, remove the positive cable from the battery. If the car dies, then your alternator is bad. If it keeps running then you may have a bad battery.

How do you treat bad gas and cramps?

for cramps.excersise (especially running) and for bad gas,sit on the toilet and let it out! lol:D

Could a bad EGR valve bad O2 Sensor or oil that smells like gas cause a car to just quit running while your driving it Car sounds like it wants to start but won't?


Car wont start after running out of gas any ideas?

put gas in it!

Why does your car make a noise when you hit the gas?

It's called: Your car is running.

Symptoms of bad ecu?

Some signs that your engine control unit is not working properly are car failure, bad gas mileage, and your car running poorly. If your check engine light is on, that might also indicate an ECU problem.

Why does my car start then stall after running out of gas and refueling?

Because when your car runs out of gas there is no more gas in the fuel lines to run the motor so when you refuel it then start it there is nothing there to keep it running. The gas have to be pumped out of the tank and into the motor.

Why can recycling be bad?

It Is Bad As We Are Running Low On Gas And Only Have 20 years of it left.

Does my car burn gas when I am in parked?

If your car is running when parked then it is burning gas. Cars use gasoline to run the engine.

What are the signs of water in a gas tank?

it will feel as if you are running out of gas, the car will start sputtering.

Why wont a 97 Plymouth breeze start after running it outr of gas even after you've put gas back in?

There may be many reasons why a 97 Plymouth Breeze won't start after running it out of gas. Even after you've put gas back in, if the spark plugs are bad or the battery is dead, the car will not start.

Why wont my 1999 rodeo restart after running out of gas?

It is possible that the fuel pump has gone bad. This can happen if a car runs completely out of gas, never go below 1/4 a tank.

What can make a car battery die when running?

It sounds like the alternator is bad. If the alternator is bad the battery will not hold charge when running

Does a bad heater core leak if the car is not running?


Is it bad to put the gear in neutral while the car is running?


Why did your car stop running while you were driving?

Bad ecm

I have a Oldsmibile Alero. Can a bad o2 sensor kill my car when the AC is running?

if your ac is running and if you have a bad 02 sencor most likely it will not kill your car it depends on your sensor

What would cause a 1997 Chevy cavalier to leak gas out the tailpipe while running?

engine must be running Very poorly, no fire in the cyclinders = gas out the tail pipe usually, meaning, bad wires, bad plugs, bad of the above, get tune up, or scope the car at a garage to find problem, sometimes air sensor is why, many problems can casue it, best to pin it down with the computer you hook into car for diagnostics.

Can a bad throttle body stop you car from starting?

Any bad component can stop a car from running. Throttle body? probably not.

Will bad gas make your car smoke and stall?

It can.