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Is safari free on the iPod touch?

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as long as you have a wifi network is $0.00

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Do you have to pay monthly for Safari on your iPod Touch?

safari comes free with your iPod Touch.

Is iPod touch safari free?

Safari comes with an ipod touch, free. You don't have to pay a monthly bill or anything.

Is The 'Safari' app free on ipod touch?


Does the first gen iPod touch have safari?

Yes, the iPod touch has always had Safari on it.

Do you have to pay when you use Safari on iPod Touch?

No, you do not have to pay to use Safari on the iPod Touch.

Is safari a free app on the ipod touch?

Yes, Safari (the app is named Internet, though) is a free app on the iPod Touch. It can be used only when in the presence of a wireless router and you have a Wi-Fi connection to it.

What is safari on ipod touch?

it is the web browser. if you have wifi go to safari on the ipod touch and surf the internet.

How do you get onto facebook on an iPod touch?

You touch "Safari" on the ipod touch. That will get you to the internet.

On IPod Touch how to go to Safari Preferences?

First, go to the settings app on your iPod Touch. Then, go to Safari. From there, you can change the Safari Preferences.

How do you install safari on your ipod touch?

safari should already be on your iPod touch. it is a default app that cannot be deleted.

Can safari be deleted from ipod touch?

No. Safari is an app that comes preloaded with ANY iPhone or iPod touch and can not be deleted.

Does it cost to use web safari on your ipod touch?

Nope, it's completely free

Do you have to by safari for the i pod touch?

no, it comes with the ipod touch

How do you download safari on your iPod touch?

Safari is an app already pre-installed onto all generations and software versions of the iPod Touch. The app is named 'Internet', and is already on your iPod Touch.

What is safari application on iPod?

Safari, or as labeled on the iPod "internet", is an internet browser specifically designed for the iPod touch that allows you to surf the web from your iPod Touch via a Wi-Fi connection.

Can you do .everything. on Facebook on the iPod Touch?

yes with the free facebook app or you can use safari.

Can you use Twitter with iPod touch?

Yes. you can either go on it on safari or download the free app in the appstore

Is YouTube and safari free on ipod touch?

Yes u paid like 400 bucks on it (well i did)

Do you have to by safari for the ipod touch?

No, it comes installed when you get it.

Can you get this for your iPod?

if you have an ipod touch then you can bookmark it in safari otherwise you need to hack it

Which generation is the one with safari on the the itouch?

All generations of the iPod Touch have safari.

Do you need wireless to connect to safari on ipod?

You need a wireless router to connect to the internet by using Safari on your iPod Touch.

How can you get safari back on iPod touch if you deleted it?

You can delete it.

Does iPod Touch have internet?

Yes, it is called the Safari.

Download safari iPod Touch?

you should already have it

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