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Salt (Sodium Chloride)

Is salt a solid?

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Is salt solid?

Yes, salt is a solid.

Is salt a solid or liquid or gas?

Sodium Chloride is a solid as table salt or sea salt is Sodium Chloride.solid

Is table salt a liquid gas solid?

Table salt is a solid.

Is salt a gas liquid or a solid?

Salt is generally found in solid form.

Is salt solid liquid or a gas?

Table salt (sodium chloride) is a solid.

Is salt is solid?

Salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) is a solid at room temperature.

Is salt solid gas or liquid?

Salt is a crystalline solid in its natural form.

Is there a difference in electric transfer between solid salt and salt water?

Yes. Solid salt does not conduct electricity, but salt water does.

What is salt a liquid solid or gas?


Why is salt a solid?

Salt is considered a solid because it is actually solid at room temperature. That is why it can be sprinkled on items like food.

What is salt classified as?

salt is classified as a solid.

Why is salt a fluid?

Salt is a solid, not a fluid.

Why can solution of salt and water conduct electricity but solid salt cannot?

The salt solution is an electrolyte, contain ions; solid salt is neutral and not dissociated.

Which of the following is a crystalline solid?

salt wax

How do miners get salt?

Salt is extracted from salt mines as a solid or as a brine.

What kind of solid is table salt?

an ionic solid

Is salt always a solid?

Salt is made up of tiny solid particles to hard to melt down into a liquid or a gas. So the answer is yes, salt is always a solid. it is an ionic compound

What happens when a solution of salt water is boiled and the water evaporates and solid salt remains?

Water is transformed in vapors, salt remain as a solid.

Is salt a solid liquid at room temperature?

Salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) is a solid at room temperature.

Is table salt a solid liquide or gass at room temp?

At room temperature, table salt is a solid.

When salt water is distilled the salt is found in?

The salt will be a solid at the bottom of the vessel.

What is the state of table salt?

Table salt (sodium chloride) is a solid salt.

What state is table salt?

Table salt (sodium chloride) is a solid salt.

Is salt a nonelectolyte?

Solid salt is a non-electrolyte; salt solution or molten salt are electrolytes.

Is salt is a gas?

no a solid

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