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Salt water is a solution.

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It is neither chemical not is it a property. It is a physical change.

It is both:It is a physical property because the solid salt becomes part of the liquid state of the water.It is a chemical property because the act of dissolving in water changes the salt (NaCl) into separate ions.

Dissolving is a physical process, not a property.

It's a physical property. Ex. if you dissolve some salt in a cup of water, you can get the salt back by boiling the water. A chemical property is what happens as a substance changes into a new one.

acid + base ==> salt + water this is neutralization and is a chemical change

Salt is a chemical compound. It has chemical and physical properties.

what is a chemical property of water

It is a physical property, because the salt is simply changing it's physical form, but it's not changing chemically.

No, water is a substance and not a chemical property.

Salt has two properties 1) Physical Property and 2) Chemical property:) :)

Salt water is not a chemical change.

Neither. Well, it definitely wouldn't be a physical property because the outside features don't change. It WOULD be a chemical property if , for ex. bubbling water. The act of dissolving salt doesn't change anything.

Salt is a type of compound, not a "chemical property." Salts do have certain characteristic properties... they tend to be brittle rather than malleable, they tend to have high melting points, and they tend to be more soluble in water than in organic solvents.

Solubility is considered a chemical property.

water is not a physical or chemical property......... water HAS those properties. reactivity WITH water is a chemical property, since once something reacts with water, it is no longer the same thing as it was before (such as sodium placed in water)

Salt is dissolved and dissociated in water.

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