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Is salt water a compound?


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April 06, 2011 2:46AM

yes it is a compound

No - it is not a compound. There is no chemical interaction between the Na+, Cl- ions and H2O it is suspended in.

Water is a compound. Rust is a compound

Salt water is a suspension.

Water is a compound, Rust is a compound, but Salt Water is not. It is a mixture (or suspension), a combination of the compound Salt (NaCl) and Water (H2O)

Rust and Salt Water have nothing to do with each other. Rust is created in a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen:

2Fe (iron) + O2 (oxygen) --> 2FeO (iron oxide, commonly known as rust)

Salt Water is an aqueous solution, meaning the salt exists as it's separate ions within the water. NaCl and H2O molecules are not combined. The aqueous solution can be written as such:

Na+ + Cl- + H2O

Notice that there is no "-->" meaning no reaction has taken place and those ions and molecule I just wrote are not combining to form any compounds.