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Is salt water a compound?

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yes it is a compound

No - it is not a compound. There is no chemical interaction between the Na+, Cl- ions and H2O it is suspended in.

Water is a compound. Rust is a compound

Salt water is a suspension.

Water is a compound, Rust is a compound, but Salt Water is not. It is a mixture (or suspension), a combination of the compound Salt (NaCl) and Water (H2O)

Rust and Salt Water have nothing to do with each other. Rust is created in a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen:

2Fe (iron) + O2 (oxygen) --> 2FeO (iron oxide, commonly known as rust)

Salt Water is an aqueous solution, meaning the salt exists as it's separate ions within the water. NaCl and H2O molecules are not combined. The aqueous solution can be written as such:

Na+ + Cl- + H2O

Notice that there is no "-->" meaning no reaction has taken place and those ions and molecule I just wrote are not combining to form any compounds.

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Is salt water an example oy a compound?

Water is a compound, salt is a compound, salt water is just a mixture and not a seprate compound.

Is salt water a element compound or mixtures?

salt - ionic compoundwater - covalent polar compoundsalt water - solution

When you mix salt and water what is the compound?

salt water

Why is salt water not considered as a compound?

salt water is not considered a compound as the salt and water are not present in a fixed ratio. Thus it is called a mixture.

Is salt water a compound a solution or compound?

salt water is a mixture known as a homogeneous mixture or a solution.

Is salt water a compound solution or heterogeneous mixture?

compound solution because the salt is dissolved in the water :)

When a compound such a salt dissolves in water it is said to be?

The compound is 'soluble' in water.

Is salt water a compound or an element?

compound sorry, it's actually a mixture, see the "Is salt water a compound?" question I just answered.

Is salt water a element compound or mixture?

Salt water is a mixture

Is salt water a compound or mixture or a element?

It is a mixture of salt and water.

What compound reacts with an acid to produce water and a salt?

That compound would be a base. Acid + base ==> salt + water.

What is the chemical equation of salt water?

Salt water is a mixture, not a compound. There is water, H2O, and there is salt, NaCl.

Salt water is classified as a what?

A salt is an ionic compound.

What is a common compound?

salt, or waterwater

Will salt water kill you?

yes because the salt in the water is a dangerous compound.

Why salt is soluble in water?

Salt is soluble in water because it is a polar compound.

Why is water and salt a compound?

No. Water and salt on their own are compounds, but together they are a mixture.

Does salt water contain compounds?

Salt water is composed of a number of compounds. First there is water, which is a compound, H2O. Then there are the salts. Several different types of salts are in salt water, and each of them is a compound.

How can you show salt water is a mixture not a compound?

Evaporate the water from the salt water to leave the salt. Get fresh water once it is dry and add it to the salt. The salt dissolves again. A compound cannot be separated by simple means (e.g. Evaporating). A mixture can be.

How can you determine whether salt water is a solution or a compound?

Any water: salt water or fresh water is exactly that, just water. A compound usually exists of water with anything that resembles powder when mixed together, they form a compound.fresh, bracken, and salt water are all just water a compound usually exists of water with anything that resembles powder when mixed together ,they form a compound. To be clear they form a compound.

Is salt water a mixture or compound or element?

it's a compound

Is salt water an ionic compound?

it is

A compound that is inorganic?

water, salt

Which compound is soluble in water?


What kind of compound do salt and water form?

When salt is mixed in with water, they form a solution. Salt is the solute, and water is the solvent.