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Is salt water or chlorine a better pool cleaner?


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not salt water, but its better for your health!

Salt is not a pool cleaner, it is usually there to make chlorine via a "salt system"

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What was the chemical "pool cleaner"? You need chlorine to sanitize the pool water.

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. the difference is that in a salt water pool the chlorine is added automatically by a chlorinated that works electronically and with a chlorine pool you have to put the chlorine in your self. Salt water pool are by far the more pleasant to swim in. Chlorine because it will kill germs

A Salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that in the case of a saltwater pool there is a chlorinater fited inline that converts the salt into chlorine automaticaly, Meaning that you don't have to purchace any chlorine to keep up chlorine levels.

Some pool cleaning products are Surface Magic Water Surface Cleaner,Pool Perfect, Polaris pool cleaner,Chlor Brite Granular Chlorine, and Hayward Pool Vac XL.

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that in a normal fresh water pool you have to add the chlorine as it is required. In the case of the salt water pool salt is added to the pool which is int urn run through a chlorine generator that is installed on the pipe leading from the filter to the pool. The chlorine generator electronically separates chlorine gas out of the salt water which then dissolves into the water automatically maintaining chlorine levels. The adidion of salt to the water makes it more pleasant to swim in and you are spared having to handle and store chlorine at home. but the problem is you are still swimming in Chlorine and now you are also swimming in sodium.

salt water pools don't use chlorine salts, they are bromine salts. So yes, saltwater pool are better for you.

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that the chlorine is manufactured in the system by the chlorine generator. Otherwise NO DIFFERENCE!!

It doesn't cost any thing. You don't even have to change the water, Just turn the chlorinator of and start adding chlorine like you do in an ordinary pool. The only difference between a salt water pol and a chlorine pool is that a salt water pool uses a chlorinator to make its own chlorine. a fresh water pool has the chlorine added.

opening a pool is different then closing a pool because opening the pool is when the pool is all filled up with water an fixed an has chlorine in it and closing the pool is if u don't have no chlorine in it and it is not fixed or don't have no water in it

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The chlorine is reacting to minerals in the water.

Boiling water does not remove chlorine. If you are trying to remove chlorine from your hair, i recommend Swimmers Shampoo. (Ultra Swim) Some but not all. If you want to wash ALL of it out, I recommend using soap and water, if it is for a pool then pool cleaner, most of them are $10 or less at walmart, target,(etc.) Boiling water does remove the chlorine from it. However it takes a long boil to remove absolutely all of it.

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool, part of the salt is converted into chlorine electronically. I have found that regardless of the disinfection system used in a pool that the use of chlorine is the easiest and most reliable. The beauty with salt is the water fees better and you don't have to store and handle chlorine which is corrosive at best and explosive at worst. These day you can even go shopping for the type of salt you wish to use to benefit your health and the gardens around the pool.

Do you mean to say that you have a fresh water pool with a Chlorine Generator which uses salt? Or do you in fact have a salt water pool? bob...

It kills most of the germs in the pool.

Chlorine is a disinfectant that kills microorganisms in pool water st oping swimmers from getting sick

No, you only need to put in the salt and fit the salt water chlorinator. Salt water pools are chlorine pools they make it electronically by converting the chloride into chlorine in the pool

Salt is not a filter, it is added to pool water to allow a chlorine generator to operate.

No A salt water pool is in fact also chlorine pool, the difference being that with a salt water pool a salt water chlorinator converts the salt that is in the water into chlorine gas which is then dissolved into the water while the filter is running. the conversion wont have any adverse effects on the pool.

Yes. A chlorine generator will only work when your pool water has a salinity level of 2700 to 3500 ppm, thereby making it a salt water pool.

I have a salt water pool. My skin does not feel dried out after drying off like in a regular Chlorine pool. I cannot say scientifically it is better but my skin and hair feel better

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