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Yes. Salvia is currently legal in Kentucky.

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As of 2011 Salvia is legal in Arkansas.

Yes, Salvia divinorum is legal plant in the Lebanon.

Yes, Salvia and its extracts are still legal in the state of Maryland.

There are several states that have legal medical salvia. Nevada and California are the top 2 states.

Salvia Divinorum is legal almost everywhere like such as.

Salvia is not addictive, is legal in most of the US states. Is completely natural.

No. Salvia is currently fully legal in New York State. For more information on the legal status of salvia divinorum, see the Related Links below.

No Australia is one of the few places that salvia is banned by law

Most likely no. Salvia is legal in most places.

Yeah, obviously. But if your on one of those legal buds sites it could be salvia, and salvia is legal. Just find a dealer

the government keeps salvia legal so that when people try it they think that all the other psychedelics are just like it. the reality is that salvia sucks and its nothing like acid or rooms. basically the government keeps salvia legal to scare people from taking other psychedelics and entering a realm of understanding that is out of their control.

As of May 2014, it is still legal in Mexico.

salvia is legal and does not show up in drug tests. have a nice trip

you can hallucinate really bad off of Salvia and it is legal in most states. you can hallucinate really bad off of Salvia and it is legal in most states.

No, but it is legal to grow..So you might as well xD

No, opiates are illegal. Salvia Divinorum is in the same family as mint and sage. It is completely legal, for the time being.

The legality of Salvia divinorum varies. In some states (and countries) it is legal while in others it is not.

At present Salvia remains legal in most countries. Countries where salvia is controlled in some manner include: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Sweden.

not that i know of but there are substitutions like "salvia"

There says that in Nebraska they tried to ban salvia, but the proposal is "indefinitely postponed" so hurry up!

The legal age in Kentucky is 18.

No, radar detectors are not legal in Kentucky.

Yes, it is legal to keep rays in Kentucky

well if you live in the states where salvia divnorium is legal, than why would you get tested for it. and if you dont live in the legal area for it; i really dont know.

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