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Sand is made form a mixture of mineral grains (mainly quartz or calcite) which are themselves compounds. If there is water or air flowing though the sand at a fast rate, then it can also be a suspension.

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Is a pond an element compound suspension or heterogeneous homogeneous or a colloid?

A pond isn't a element, compound, solution, colloid, or heterogeneous mixture. So it's either a suspension or a homogenous mixture My vote is suspension

Is a sand a element compound solution suspension or colloid?

Sand is a mixture and rarely is only one compound.

Is vinegar a element compound suspension heterogeneous mixture homogeneous mixture of colloid?

Vinegar is a homogeneous solution of acetic (ethanoic) acid in water.

Is mercury a compound element solution suspension mechanical mixture or colloid?

Mercury is an element; its symbol is Hg. You can find it on the Periodic Table of Elements in the transition state section.

Is fog a element compound colloid or suspension?

Its a colloid because dog is a liquid dispersed in a gas is referred to as a fog.

Is Mercury a solution colloid or suspension?

Mercury is an element. Metal in liquid state.

Is Ca a suspension solution mixture compound or element?

Ca is the chemical symbol for calcium, an element. It is an alkali metal with atomic number 20. ------------------------------------------- The above is true, however if the element Ca is present in a solution then it will be present as part of an Ionic compound in solution, note a solution is not a mixture, element or compound, it is a SOLUTION. An insoluble compound of Ca could be present in liquid, in which case you would have a suspension. A suspension is a mixture.

Which of these best describes chicken soup Element mixture compound or solution?

Chicken soup is a mixture that includes a solution and a suspension.

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