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Schizophrenia is probably not a birth defect, as many cases of schizophrenia do not have any physical defects of the brain.

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Q: Is schizophrenia a birth defect in the brain?
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Can you prevent from getting schizophrenia?

No you cannot prevent schizophrenia. It is a premediated condition that is inside the brain from birth.

Is schizophrenia a type of birth defect?

Its a type of mental illness. Technically yes, it is a birth defect since schizophrenia has to do with how the brain develops before birth. The exact causes of it is not known, but its a certain area of the brain that is not developed properly. It also can be genetic as well as hereditary. If schizophrenia runs in families, or if a parent has the mental illness and the mother is pregnant, there's a 50% out of 100 chance that the baby could develop it and it usually is present before birth but symptoms don't start showing until the child is older. (for genetic schizophrenia, the child`s synptoms show at the age of two). Schizophrenia is very rare(especially childhood schizophrenia) and it only affects 1% of the american population eith the most being adults. it`s rare in both adults but is extremely rare in children and babies.

How much does a schizophrenia brain weighs?

Schizophrenia has no effect on brain weight.

What area of the brain does schizophrenia affect?

Schizophrenia affects the ventricles in the Brain.

What part of the body does schizophrenia affect?

Schizophrenia affects the brain.

Can a brain scan detect schizophrenia?

A brain scan cannot detect schizophrenia, although many people with schizophrenia do have abnormal brain scans. The brain damage is not apparent until the disease has already progressed far enough to show clear signs of schizophrenia.

A condition resulting from a development defect or damage to the brain occurring befroe the brain during or shortly after birth which affects the motor area of the brain?

cerebral palsy.

Which part of the brain is affected by the disease schizophrenia?

The main part of the brain that is affected by schizophrenia is the frontal lobes.

Which brain scan would be used to diagnose schizophrenia?

You usually cannot diagnose schizophrenia from a simple brain scan. However, long-term damage to the brain from schizophrenia can sometimes be assessed by a MRI scan.

What is ancephaly?

Anencephaly is a lethal birth defect characterized by the absence of all or part of the skull and scalp and malformation of the brain.

Will humphrey pill cause birth defect?

Yes, it will cause birth defect.

What body system paranoid type schizophrenia is from?

Paranoid schizophrenia is a disease of the brain.

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