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Is school good or bad?


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June 02, 2013 3:18PM

School is in the middle


School is bad every guy who is good at school good grades he ends up sad lonly no friends poor and lives in a box or under a bridge i seen like 100000 of those than people start to insult you in school but still it isnt bad to be great at school its great to have A's but Dont be so great at it your gonna think your so smart than everyone everybody will hate you and your gonna get more stupid so its not good to lern like everyday and not stop go outside a wile play with toys play games but lern too but not too much so school is bad and good in the middle if you dont beliw me lern alot and soon your gonna live in a box oh and kids lern to be lazy to cheat so its teachers folt they need to lern a little not so much