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seawater solution or suspension

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Sea water is both a solution and a mixture. It is a mixture because salt and water are combined. It is also a solution because the salt dissolves in water.

Sea water is a complex solution.

Sea water is a liquid solution of salt (and a few other things) in water.

As a solution sea water is homogeneous; but sea water contain also insoluble matters - and now is heterogeneous.

Sea water is a saltwater solution and anything dissolved in a liquid is a solution.

the sea, saline solution

There is no such thing as an "element" for sea water. Sea water is primarily water, H20 (a compound) with various other compounds (ie, salts) in solution.

No*. * Water itself, is a compound (H2O), but sea water is a mixture of compounds (mostly ionized salts and lots of organic compounds). It's a colloid. It's also, a mixture of solids in liquid and liquids in liquid.

Beer is a manufactured solution; sea water is a natural solution.

Salt made its way into sea water by being dissolved and carried there in solution. It is probably inaccurate to say that salt forms in sea water.

No. Seawater is not anywhere near saturated.

The solvent is the water because 96% of the sea water and only 4% of the sea water is salt, so since the water is 96% it is the solvent since solvent is the bigger part of the solution. Since the smaller part of a solution is the solute, salt will be the solute since it is smaller than the amount of water. Answered by: SleepyUchiha P.S

Because the "pure" part (the water) has all kinds of stuff both dissolved and in suspension.

It is not possible to filter the sea water to obtain the salt because the salt is dissolved in water forming a solution.

Because the sea water contain salt the freezing point of this solution is lower.

Examples of solution: perfumes, sea water, wine, beer, rubbing alcohol etc.

Isotonic solution is very close to sea water in composition and also concentration. Glucose isotonic solution is an electrolyte solution used for re-hydration. It contains salt, water and glucose.

suspension bridge can be

Because there are thousands (for real) of things dissolved in it

Seawater has a salinity of arround 3.5 percent. 1 liter is 1000 cubic centimeters needs 35 gram of salt so get this solution.

Dissolve 30-40 g of sodium chloride in 1 L of water.

It is a solution that is made when you dissolve salt in water i just dont know what its called can someone help me.

Its all relative between 2 substances, but pure water is hypotonic in comparison with sea water because sea water has a higher concentration of solutes (the salt in this example) in it.

The Dead Sea is a saturated solution because it has an excessive amount of salt at its bottom.