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seawater solution or suspension

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Q: Is sea water a colloid or suspension or a solution?
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Is sea water a colloid suspension or a solution?

seawater solution or suspension

Is sea water passed through a sieve solution?

Sea water is a solution.

IS SEA WATER Solvent Solutes?

Sea water is a complex solution.

IS SEA WATER Solvent Solutes?

Sea water is a complex solution.

Is sea water is solution or mixture?

Sea water is both a solution and a mixture. It is a mixture because salt and water are combined. It is also a solution because the salt dissolves in water.

Is a sea water is a solution?

no. it's a problem.

What is the state of solution for sea water?


Which is the saturated solution in nature?

sea water

What are naturally occurring solution?

sea water

What type of substance is sea water?

Sea water is a liquid solution of salt (and a few other things) in water.

Is sea water a heterogeneous mixture?

As a solution sea water is homogeneous; but sea water contain also insoluble matters - and now is heterogeneous.

Why sea or ocean is important of being a solution?


What contains salt water?

the sea, saline solution

How much sea salt do you add to tap water to make a salt water solution that emulates sea water?


Why is seawater considered a solution?

Sea water is a saltwater solution and anything dissolved in a liquid is a solution.

What term best describes sea water compound solution element or crude?


What method is best for separating pure water from a sea water solution?


What is the element name for sea water?

There is no such thing as an "element" for sea water. Sea water is primarily water, H20 (a compound) with various other compounds (ie, salts) in solution.

The solution material in sea water is mostly?

Rock Salt

What are the manufactured solutions natural solutions?

Beer is a manufactured solution; sea water is a natural solution.

Is sea water a saturated solution of salt and water?

No. Seawater is not anywhere near saturated.

Is sea water a compound?

No*. * Water itself, is a compound (H2O), but sea water is a mixture of compounds (mostly ionized salts and lots of organic compounds). It's a colloid. It's also, a mixture of solids in liquid and liquids in liquid.

How does salt form in sea water?

Salt made its way into sea water by being dissolved and carried there in solution. It is probably inaccurate to say that salt forms in sea water.

What salt when dissolved in water will become an acidic solution?

Sea Salt

Why is sea water a mixture and not a pure substance?

Because the "pure" part (the water) has all kinds of stuff both dissolved and in suspension.