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sea water is a mixture

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Is seawater a element compound or mixture?

seawater is an mixture

Is Seawater a mixture or a compound?

a mixture

Is seawater mixture or compound?


Is seawater a element mixture or compound?

Seawater is more of a mixture (actually a suspension).

Is seawater a compound or mixture or element?

Seawater is a mixture mostly of water and other salts.

Is seawater a element or compound?

Seawater is neither an element nor a compound but rather a mixture.

Is water a mixture a compound or element?

Water is a compound. Seawater is a mixture containing salts as well as water.

Seawater a compound or mixture?

Seawater is a mixture, the water (H20) is a compound, so is the salt (NaCl slightly simplified), but the solution of the two does not make a third compound, rather a mixture of the two compounds. Seawater contains many more elements and compounds than this I just used these two as a simplified demonstration.

Is sea water a compound or a mixture?

Seawater is a mixture - a compound is a chemically bonded substance involving more than one element.

Seawater is a compound or a element?

Seawater is neither a compound nor an element but a mixture including much dissolved solid and usually microorganisms as well.

Why is it correct to say that seawater is not a compound?

It is a mixture, the salt and the water can be separated.

Are the substances in seawater chemically bonded?

Seawater is not considered a compound but a mixture. Mixtures are composed of substances that are not chemically bonded together.

Is a seawater a element mixture compound?

It's a solution; water with dissolved solids.

Is seawater a compound or mixture?

it's a compound, because for example, if you evaporate the water, all that's left is salt. they are still separable. a mixture isn't separable.

Why is seawater considered a mixture whereas distilled water is considered a compound?

Because seawater has particles in it that can be filtered whereas distilled water is pure

Is Seawater pure substance or mixture?

Seawater is an homogeneous mixture.

Which of the following is not a mixture a. pure water b. seawater c. air d. brass?

Answer a. Pure Water is not a mixture - it is a compound. Seawater is a mixture of water and salts, air is a mixture of gases and brass is a mixture (an alloy) of copper and zinc metals.

Is sea water a compound or heterogeneous mixture?

Seawater is heterogeneous having many insoluble materials.

Is the foam from the sea a compound mixture or an element?

The foam of the sea is a mixture, as is seawater itself. The foam differs from the seawater by containing dispersed as well as dissolved air. The dispersed air forms the bubbles of the foam.

Is seawater heterogeneous?

No, seawater is a homogeneous mixture.

Is seawater a mixture or substance?

It is a mixture

Is it the seawater a homogenous mixture or heterogenous mixture?

Homogeneous Mixture

How is milk is a mixture?

As far as I am concerned milk is not a mixture. It is a compound because it contains different elements- mainly calcium. eg: Salt- solute Water- solvent Saltwater/seawater-solution/mixture

Is seawater a pure substance or a mixture?

Seawater is a solution of a lot of different substances dissolved in water. Therefore, it is a mixture.

Is seawater is a solution or heterogeneous mixture?

Seawater may be considered a heterogeneous mixture because contain many insoluble materials.

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