Soybeans and Tofu

Is seed coated corn and soybeans insurable?

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A mango seed will not germinate if it is coated with pomade. This will prevent the seed from germinating and growing.

Crops grown in South Dakota include corn, wheat (durum, hard red winter, hard red spring), soybeans, sunflowers, oats, flax seed, alfalfa, hay, and sorghum. South Dakota's major crops are corn, hay, soybeans and wheat.

Some Minnesota agricultural products are oats, sugar beets, sweet corn, green peas, flax seed, spring wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, hay, and barley.

the corn seed have one cotyledon

the difference is that the bean seed germinates by dicots and the corn seed germinates by monocots.

A seed corn is the least common type of corn. Occurring only on the heel or ball of the foot, a seed corn consists of a circle of stiff skin surrounding a plug of cholesterol.

Yes, but when you get them from seed suppliers they are usually coated with unpalatable substances to discourage predation by birds and other herbivores before they sprout.

Corn starch is made from the seed covering of corn while corn meal is made from the entire corn seed, so they are not the same thing.

The pepper corn is a seed, the whole seed is either ground or crushed.

Corn is not manufactured it is grown from seed by farmers in a corn field.

The difference is that the bean seed germinates by dicots and the corn seed germinates by monocots.

no but the seed of the corn is eaten.

you can buy and plant the corn seed or just purchase the corn from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get a corn seed

The corn that we eat is the seed part of the corn plant. Each little kernel is a fertilized seed, and if left to mature and dry can be planted and will grow a corn plant.

That depends on what cultivar the corn is. Most cultivars enable at least two ears of corn to be produced per seed that is planted, not just one.

yes you can by getting one and use a magnifying glass to see it clearly do not forget to have a corn seed

One corn seed equals one corn stalk, if all requirements (soil warmth, moisture, sunlight, etc.) are met.

From seed dealers or the local cooperative.

A regular bag of seed corn weighs around 50 lbs depending on variety

Yes, corn is a fruit because kernels are seeds, therefore corn is a fruit.

You don't. Popcorn is a particular type of corn and has to be grown from popcorn seed.

Corn (maize) "goes to seed" once the tassels have released their pollen onto the silks down where the ear develops.

One of the primary crops was corn and corn seed can be stored and used as needed. Historians have found baskets buried with corn seed still in them.

you put the seed in the ground

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