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Is selenium a nonmetal?

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No. Selenium is a metalloid.

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Is selenium a metal nonmetal metalloid?

Selenium (Se) is a nonmetal.

What type of matter is selenium?

Selenium is a solid nonmetal.

Is selenium a akali metal?

No. Selenium is a nonmetal belonging to oxygen family.

Is selenium metal or nonmetal mineral?

it is a nonmetal see im smart!!!!!!

Is selenuim a metal?

No, selenium is a nonmetal.

Is selenium a metal or nonmetal?

Nonmetal because Selenium is used to make light sensors so it cant melt at low temperatures and it conducts electricity at a low level like a lot of non - metalsSelenium is considered a nonmetal.

Is selenium a nonmetal metal or metalloid?

Selenium is a non metal. It belongs to oxygen family or group 16.

Is selenium hard or soft?

Soft, it is an atomic nonmetal chemical.

What is Selenium and what is it composed of?

Selenium is the chemical element of atomic number 34, a gray crystalline nonmetal with semiconducting properties.

Is Radium Selenide covalent or ionic?

it is Ionic because radium is a metal and selenium is a nonmetal or radium is on the left of the stair case and selenium is to the right

The black form of this nonmetal conducts electricity better when light is shined upon it and it is used in Xerox toner?

Selenium is the nonmetal that conducts electricity in its black form when light shines on it. But selenium is not a component of Xerox toner. Selenium is used in the older photoreceptor drums and belts that serve as the equivalent of film in a camera.

Is selenuim a metal nonmetal or metalloid?

Selenium is a non metal. It belongs to group 16.

Are nonmetal elements at room temperature gasses?

Br is a liquid.Carbon,Sulphur,Posphorus,Selenium are solid

Which is the most active nonmetal out of argon chlorine potassium or selenium?

Chlorine. Potassium is a metal. Out of the other three non-metals, chlorine is most reactive, followed by selenium. Argon is the least reactive.

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