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Answerim not going to say it is worth the wait but I am going to say that I wish i would have waited AnswerI would have to agree. It's definitely something I wish I would have waited on as well. Sex AnswerIt is worth the wait......but I would add. Why wait? There are lots of reasons but some of them don't really apply to all people. If you are waiting for someone else's reason (religious belief etc) but not you own then don't wait. If you feel ready and you want to do skip years of great sex. If you aren't ready and you don't want to then wait. I would say sex is worth waiting for but waiting doesn't make it better. more inputi wish i would have waited. when i first had sex, i was very confused. Every action you take leads you to where you are today... i am very happy right now, today. I still think my first(s) and choices of first(s) were wrong. I was not honest with myself, bacause i still didn't know myself.

I am glad that I waited because I have two wonderful children. When I tried to have it when I was thirteen my mom walked in the room and i got caught. It was really wierd.... and I got in so much trouble. So to any one who does not want to wait let me tell you that it will problably mess your life up.

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Q: Is sex really worth the wait?
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What if you want sex but your too young and you cant wait?

if you really can't wait then just have sex. simple as, right?

How do you tell your boyfriend you're not ready for sex?

Well you should really just say it and if he`s not ready to wait then he`s not worth the hastle.

Is the scarehouse good?

it is really good they really scare you good there the bad thing is I had to wait 4 hours but it was worth the wait

How can you get a guy to fall in love with you Besides sex?

Sex won't help. Wait on it and find out if they really love you or not first.

What do you do when your boyfriend is two years older and ready for sex but you both know your not Is there a solution?

If he really cares about you and your relationship then he will be willing to wait until you feel comfortable to have sex. If he gets impatient and tries to force you to or tells you that he will break up with you or something then leave him because he is not worth it. If you ain't ready for sex then wait and don't let anyone force into making such an important decision.

Are you being used for sex or does he really like you?

if he likes you, he would wait until you want to have sex with him and be with him. if your are being used then he comes when he wants to have sex and talk to you minimally

What if the guy you really really REALLY like only wants you just for sex?

Then you need to get out of the relationship. You NEVER want a guy who only WANTS you for sex. AND I do mean it. You are worth way more then that.

Is sex after the first date acceptable?

No you should wait after a few dates and after you really get to know the person don't screw up the relationship with sex

What do you do if the guy you really love is dating another girl?

wait for him to realise your worth

How can you tell if someone really cares about you or he just really want to get you in bed?

make him wait a month or two before having sex with him...if he sticks around then chances are he is after more than just sex

You have been going out with a guy for 2weeks and he says he will break up with you if you dont have sex you REALLY like him but you dont want to have sex or at least not till you know him betterHELP?

if he likes you he will wait. if he wont wait he must not think a lof of you and you are far better off without him. if you are uncomfortable with having sex too soon, then don't do it. eff him if he decides to be a jerk and not respect u. he wasnt worth it if that's how he wants to think.

When was Worth the Wait created?

Worth the Wait was created in 2002.

How do you tell a guy your not ready for sex?

Just tell the guy that you are not ready, and if he really loves you and wants to be with u then he will unnderstand and he will wait till u are ready. If he dont want to wait then its not meant to be, and he only wants u 4 sex.

What do you do if your boyfriend is pushing you into sex?

then he's really not worth it... sex is something that should be saved for when you're ready... don't have sex just because your boyfriend says he wants it

How can you tell if a guy really likes you for you or just want sex from you?

One way is to wait to have sex. If he just wants the sex he is a player and will move on to fresh meat. If he likes you he will respect you and treat you with care. He will wait to have sex. Some men just like the feeling of the "hunt" so you have to wait more than 2-3 dates. Some experts recommend 90 days and if he is "into" you he will be there at the end of 90 days.

Want to sex with girlfriend but she not ready but she do a phone sex with you?

Definitely do not force her to have sex, whatever you do. My advice is to wait. Sex is something you don't want to rush into. Wait until you are married.

Your husband is in prison for 6 more years you really like another guy what do you do?

be real do you think he would wait if it was you in jail for another 6 years. Better yet would you want him to wait six more years to have sex. You can have sex with someone it doesn't me you love your husband any less as long as you keep sex just that sex after all everyone has needs.

Why do religious people think of sex before marriage is bad?

It really depends on the religion. However, it is traditional that you wait til marriage.

Do you wait to have intimacy with your boyfriend?

It is a good idea to wait to have sex, then you both have time to get to know each other without the sex being the main thing that the guy keeps the relationship going just to keep getting the sex...If he really wants you for who you are, he will wait! To most guys, sex talks and it shouldn't be the reason to keep him with you there. Some relationships tend to not be real in the beginning because you are new to each other...Just be yourself as you want him to see you in a year from now.

What do you do if you really like somebody and they only want sex?

If they only want sex then they are not worth your time. Relationships have so much more to offer. I would suggest that you pay no attention to them. There are plenty of other people out there that will really like you, and not just want sex.

What does I wouldn't mind waiting on a women mean?

it means like, if a woman is asked by man for example if she wanted to have sex with her, but the woman is not ready and asked him to wait until they get married, if the man really loves her he will wait for her.

How long after sex can you use a pregnancy test to find out?

you have to wait at least 19 days after you have sex. The longer you wait the more accurate the test will be.

You really like this guy but he wants you to wait?

Then you wait for him, that is if you really love the guy.

What word means can't wait?

Sex too good that you can't wait

Is sex good on a first date?

No I would wait a little. Don't rush sex. Sex is not love. But if you both really want to, and it feels right, then go for it. The best relationship I ever had was with a guy whom I slept with on the first date.