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You might be protected from pregnancy but not from disease.

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Q: Is sex without a condom while on the depo shot safe?
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Is it safe to take Depo-Provera shot and phentremine?

Is it safe to take phentremine when you have taken the depo provera shot?

Which condom is more safe male or feemale?

male condom

How can you have intercourse without becoming pregnant?

condom and birth control.......... but just to be safe pull out b4....... well you know

Got the Depo shot five days BEFORE my expected periodand never got a period. 2 or so weeks later I had a condom brake.i took plan B to be safe. chance that Im prego still no period2monthsstress?

most likely you are NOT pregnant because you got depo but check a pregnancy test to be sure. in case you were pregnant BEFORE the depo?

Is it safe to wear a condom when you pop her cherry?

yes it is safe just as long as the condom is well lubricated and you go slow

If you are taking antibotic and the depo does the depo still work?

Yes. The depo is not like oral contraceptives, and it is VERY unlikely that antibiotics will change the effectiveness of it, but it would probably be a good idea to use condoms for a couple of weeks while you're taking them just to be on the safe side.

What are the odds of getting a girl pregnant while using a spermicidal condom only leaking pre-ejaculate into the condom and pulling out while ejaculating Girl has been on the pill for a week?

The odds are definitly against. The world would be without humans in only a generation or two if everybody got their girls pregnant that way. I would say you are pretty safe.

Is sex safe with vaginal staph if you use a condom?

Yes it is completely safe.

Is it safe when a girl sleeps with 2 men without using condom?

Let me answer your question with another question. Is it safe to play Russian roulette? And obviously, the answer to that is YES! /End sarcasm.

Is it safe to have physical relation with wife without condom?

Unless either person has a communicable disease or there is a fear of pregnancy, I don't see a problem.

What is the medical term meaning safe?

If by "safe" you mean a condom, the medical term is prophylactic.

Do you need to use a condom while on the pill and the pill is affective?

To be safe... probably.. because not all ways to prevent birth are 100% affective

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