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Yes it is. It's best to see your doctor for a good physical first to be sure there is nothing physically wrong with you. It's also important to know that diseases such as Diabetes, heart problems, depression, adrenal gland and a dysfunctional thyroid (to name a few) can cause disinterest in sex. Even medications such as SSRIs that treat depression can cause a low to no libido. If your doctor tells you that there is nothing physically wrong with you then you would need to see a good sex therapist to help you come to terms with what is bothering you. Many people have sexual disorders and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Be careful about some sex therapists. Anyone that wants you to take your clothes off and perform any sexual act in their presence or have "group sex" is not the doctor for you! Believe it or not there are plenty of these places around.


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Yes. It is known as frigidity.

Alex had often used the word frigidity to describe to Dr. Ben about his wife indifference to his romantic and sexual overtures, but now he explained that the medication the doctor had prescribed was having the same effect on him.

Syphilis and gonorrhea are both treated with antibiotics.

Frigidity is when something is very cold in temperate. A lot of different things can cause this including the weather, water, or a refrigerator.

Homosexuality is not a disease. It is a natural healthy sexual orientation. Therefore, there is nothing to cure.

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The term frigid is used when a girl has no feelings of sexual desire. It is a type of Female Sexual Dysfunction called as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. METHODS TO OVERCOME BEING FRIGID Methods of overcoming sexual frigidity would be different if woman has lack of sexual desire towards a A. Specific man (such as husband or lover) and B. Absolute lack of sexual disorder with any man. In the latter case B. investigations such as Blood hormone levels are required to determine cause of frigidity for successful treatment of frigidity. It is important to know if the woman had sexual desires in the past but, has ceased to have desires now. Disease conditions of the mind such as depressive disorder (endogenous depression) and body such as diabetes, oophorectomy (removal of ovaries), total hysterectomy (removal of uterus along with ovaries) or ovarian diseases can cause frigidity. In order to overcome frigidity diagnosis of the cause is required. If hormonal disorder is the cause treatment may include administration of necessary hormones, example testosterone. A. This the commonest type of being frigid. To overcome frigidity relationship discord between the boy and the girl has to be identified. Bringing romance in relationship, removing fears related to sex are some measures that may be required. To overcome being frigid help of Sex Therapist for diagnosis and counseling is called for in type A. Past history of sexual abuse, example childhood sexual trauma may cause frigidity. To overcome this psycho sexual therapy is useful. MEDICINES TO OVERCOME BEING FRIGID IN WOMEN "Are there any medications to overcome being frigid?" is a common question we get. Note that no specific medicine is available as treatment to overcome sexual frigidity. What medicine does is corrects the cause of frigidity. Hence, if there is hormonal imbalance as during menopause, hormone replacement therapy will work. If depression is the underlying cause, use of antidepressants to relieve depression becomes specific medicine to overcome being frigid. MEDICINES TO OVERCOME BEING FRIGID IN MEN Please note that there is no medicine to overcome frigid in men too. Viagra © [Sildenafil citrate] does not increase sexual desire. Viagra © works only in presence of sexual desire and does not work if there is no sexual desire. ALCOHOL TO OVERCOME BEING FRIGID Alcohol does help men and women overcome being frigid. It does this by its action on the central nervous system, which leads to uninhibited behavior. Alcohol in large doses and over long period of time acts as sex depressant. BEST TREATMENT To overcome being frigid, attractive sexual partner, privacy, and shamelessness works as best treatment. If frigid uses in the negative sense of sexual feeling. This type of disorder can be overcome by internal precious love feeling . say for example a girl has no feeling of sex. If you try to stimulate her to touch the sensitive places of body which awake the feeling and to get orgasm in doing sex will help to overcome in frigid. Every frigid can you be overcome through love. Love with feeling is only the treatment. Medicating can not help at-all.

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