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Do'h! No! Shanghai and Beijing are two different cities of China. Shanghai is a economic, transportation and financial center while Beijing is the capital of China. They are around 1,200 km apart.

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Q: Is shanghai another name for Beijing?
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Is shanghai bigger then Beijing?

Shanghai is a little bigger than Beijing

Is the bullet train the fastest train in America?

no its in china...shanghai to Beijing...or Beijing to shanghai

What city has more rainfall Shanghai or Beijing?


How far to shanghai to Beijing drive?

it's 1262 km drive from one to another

How far is shanghai from Beijing?

It is 1462 kilometres fromBeijing to Shanghai.

What is the warmest time to visit a river cruise Beijing to shanghai?

what is warmest time to do a river cruise beijing to shanghai??

Is the capital of china shanghai?

No, its Beijing

What is it now in Shanghai?

Shanghai is officially in the 8+ Time Zone, same as Beijing.

Which are the biggest cities in China?

Shanghai and Beijing

Time by train from Shanghai to Beijing?


What is better shanghai or Beijing?

Beijing and Shanghai have their respective charms. Beijing is a bustling metropolis. And so is Shanghai. Only, Shanghai has more cultural heritage sites than Beijing. The port city of Shanghai has a quaint mix of the old and the new. Also, Shanghai is the economy center of China while Beijing is the capital of China. Served as capital city with a history over 800 years, Beijing is the best place to view some imperial spots and the famous great wall. The Olympic in 2008 make it well-known to the world. while Shanghai is a city which the east meets the west, it is a moderized city in China, with some historical sites. I think Beijing is better

What is the capital city of Shanghai?

Shanghai is in the People's Republic of China. The capital of the PRC is Beijing.

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