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That would be called kissing. It is not either lesbian or gay, but you could be lesbian or gay if you enjoy kissing people who are the same sex as you are.

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Is Hannah Montana a lesbien?

no shes not lesbien. she did a game that was about passing an ice with her mouth with other Disney sarts. but that dosent mean she is a lesbien

What causes cotton candy to dissolve in your mouth?

The reason is that the saliva in your mouth moistens the cotton candy since the candy is basically sugar.

What candy melts in your mouth but not in your hands?

That was the advertising slogan for "Treats" the candy that melts in you mouth but not in your hands.ANSWER:That was the original advertising slogan for M & M's, "the candy that melts in you mouth but not in your hands".

Does candy take the THC out of your mouth?


Is cotton candy spicy?

no, cotton candy is not spicy! it is sweet and melts in your mouth!

Why does candy rot your teeth?

The sugar in candy lingers in your mouth, which encourages the bacteria in a person's mouth to grow, which forms plaque and can lead to cavities.

Germs from sharing suckers with friends?

Absolutely - you are sharing saliva from one person's mouth to another's. Yuck !!

Can you get hpv from sharing a cigarette or drink?

no. the only std you can catch from mouth to mouth contact is herpes.

What kind of food is digested in the mouth?


Will your mouth dissolve a candy faster?

yes it will

Why do you have a sweet taste in your mouth?

You are eating candy.

How does hard candy melt?

no they do not melt in your mouth

How does cotton candy melt in your mouth?

The reason cotton candy dissolves in your mouth begins with the manufacturing process. First the sugar was melted and heated then dried into tiny strands whrn the cotton candy is put in your mouth the sugar is being rewarmed by your saliva which causes it to melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the candy Mm's what does Mm stand for?

Melt in your Mouth

What is the name of the candy that pops in your mouth?

pop rocks

What causes little cuts in mouth?

Glass Candy.

What is that stuff that forms in your mouth when eat candy?


Can you catch a disease from sharing a glass?

Yes mononucleosis can be caught by sharing a glass, as can mouth herpes and a variety of other diseases

Can you get herpes by sharing a beverage?

If the sores are on, in, or around the person's mouth, yes.

What is a palindrome for to put something in the mouth?

gag (if you put it in the mouth to silence a person) pop (like 'to pop some candy into your mouth')

How do you eat cotton candy?

You stick it in your mouth and let it dissolve.

How can you politely eat a candy cane?

chew with an open mouth

Is candy good to your teeth?

no but chocolate is it disolve germs in your mouth

Which candy melts in your mouth but not in your hands?

That would be M&Ms.

What is a good candy store slogan?

A okay slogan for a candy store is ..... "Where good becomes great." "Sweet comes from your mouth"