Is shortening an oil

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Q: Is shortening an oil
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Can vegetable oil be used as a substitution for shortening in baking?

No, oil is liquid, shortening should be solid. Margarine or butter can be used as shortening.

When using shortening instead of oil do you still use the same amount of shortening as oil?

No you dont because shortening is worse than oil, and it good not to use more. In this case less shortening would actually be more.

Is vegetable oil shortening?


What can be substituted for liquid shortening?

Substitutes for liquid shortening include: melted butter melted shortening vegetable oil canola oil melted lard

Can you substitute shortening for oil in a cake mix?

You could substitute shortening for oil in a cake mix, but it is not recommended. The resulting cake made with shortening will have a noticeably different texture and mouthfeel. Yes you Can. Shortening.. or Hydrogenated Oil is basically poison anyways.

Is vegetitable oil vegetitable shortening?

No, vegetable oil is a liquid and vegetable shortening is a solid, almost like butter.

Can you substitute oil for shortening in a cake recipe?

Yes, but the results might not be the same. Liquid oil and solid shortening have slightly different properties. You might need to use slightly less oil for similar results, when "creaming" shortening the results do not work for oil, but this step would be dispensed with when using oil. Butter or lard, which shortening was designed to replace, will get the same results as shortening.

Can you use shortening instead of vegetable oil in zucchini bread?

Yes, melted shortening can replace vegetable oil in zucchini bread, although shortening is not a healthy choice.

What elements make up shortening?

Shortening, such as Crisco, is made from vegetable oil.

How much vegetable oil instead of shortening when baking cookies?

For most cookies you can't use oil in place of shortening.

What does shortening in cooking mean?

Shortening is the fat or oil used in cooking. It can range from lard to olive oil, depending on the recipe.

Can shortening replace vegetable oil in a cake recipe?

Melt it and let it cool. The cake will be denser with shortening than with oil.

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