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Silent Hill is a fictional town.

The movie is based upon the popular video game franchise of the same name. It was filmed in a town called Centralia, which was destroyed by coal fires a long time ago.

The Silent Hill games weren't based on Centralia.

There was no coal fire in the games, either. Also, the non-monster version of Silent Hill in the movie was abandoned, while the non-monster version of Silent Hill in the games was a normal populated town.

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I live in the city where Silent Hill the movie was filmed. The building does in fact exist downtown, but no. The movie was fake.

A video game movie with real people is Silent Hill.

Yes, Silent Hill is a real place located in Pennsylvania called Centralia.

no but is it is based on a real town

Sure, there is a place down in San Antonio Texas. Now if your talking about the real set the movie was shot in i really wouldn't know.

There is no actual Silent Hill but the film drew a lot of inspiration from Centralia, PA.

Yes, there is one :D In West Virginia, like in the film. Although none of it is real :( There is no Pyramid Head :( It was officially called Silent Hill before then they made a film about it.

Silent Hill is a good game. And its a real place,because once there was a girl named Brooke Smith she was my best friend.Then she moved to West Virgina and told me she was going to silent hill.So she went to silent hill and showed me on video chat there,next thing you know you see a zombie behind her.

In the game, obviously. In real life, it doesn't exist. However, there is a town in Pennsylvania, there is a town that is extremely close to Silent Hill. Centralia, Pennsylvania. Look it up.

No, unless he's some-sort of revenge ghost out to hurt people that have made him mad in the real world.

Literally? No. BUT, Toluca Lake is a real lake behind Universal Studios in Hollywood, and Silent Hill itself is inspired by Centralia, Pennsylvania. The same thing happened to that place-minus the evil flesh-eating demons, of course.

In theory yes it is. The true origin of Silent Hill is based on the now small Centralia, PA. This once thriving coal mining town was home to a thousand or more people. Unfortunately someone lit a fire in a basement (as the story goes) and it caught into the mine shaft. These days there are little to no people living in what is now a borough, and needless to say the fires are still burning underground. All this is what I found out by researching "The Real Silent Hill"

His name is Guy Cihi. He looks just like James in real life.

the story is about a girl named heather (she was in the silent hill 1 game)it has been 17 years i think from their visit to silent hill (in silent hill 1 they killed the girl named alesa and heathers real name is sheril and she is now older!)and know heather has something inside here (it is a a monster named god)and know a old woman named Claudia!and know she is trying to revenge and she killed heathers father ( hary mason ) and so heather will revenge the fathers death in the game and solve the past years and survive the horrors in game and in silent hill!yes the game has very good grapichs and sounds and music and bonuses it is great and many more stuff!i give it a 10/10 :D

Yes,bush hill is real.

There is supernatural energy there, but there is also a 'real' world. Silent Hill is a populated fictional town with people in it. However, when somebody needs to face inner-demons or needs punishment, the town draws them in. None of the monsters or horrors are real, they're mental reflections of what the character is going through, using the supernatural as a mirror. It pulls you into an alternate dimension to do so, but still, everything is in the character's head. It's all symbolic.

yes but silent hill isn't a real town its only based on a place called centea p.a in America and that's said 2 be hunted 2 but its not a ghost town people live there but only a few because a abondend mine is still burning off fumes to this very day under gound so its dangerous that answer above me is partially true, only a few people living there and that but there is a place called silent hill in san antonio,TX,United States

She didn't die in real life, and she didn't die in the show either. Both her and Lucas moved from Tree Hill with their new baby Sawyer Brooke Scott =)

No. Sad Hill cementery was build near Burgos, in Spain, for the movie. The name of the place is "Valle del Tabladillo".

Actually, none. Although he may have appeared in a couple of the last silent films as an extra, he most certainly was not the star. By his real first movie in 1926 talkies had already arrived.

There are many places where one can find the Texas Hill County real estate. One can find the Texas Hill Country real estate in the area of Hill Country located in Texas.

As a way to save money, local residents were cast as the hill people.

No it is not a realmovie....

the ennis house in califorina was used in1959 movie ,its said to be based on the murder house below it

During Silent Hill 2, Walter was a prison inmate, imprisoned for the gruesome murder of two children killed as part of his brutal ritual attempt, that would become (in Silent Hill 4: The Room) renowned as the 21 Sacraments. Reportedly, in a newspaper found in the trash of the first apartment complex in SH2, Walter killed himself using a spoon while imprisoned and was later buried in an unnamed grave, however there was speculation of this Walter being false or else an apparition.He later resurfaces during the events of Silent Hill 4. While he supposedly died in prison, it's said that the Walter who killed himself in jail was an imposter, while the real Walter sealed himself in a hidden room of 302 and sacrificed himself as 11/21 of the sacraments, later returning as a ghost and antagonist of the fourth Silent Hill title. (Clarification welcome, I have to replay these titles for accuracy; it's been a while.)

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