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Is silicon reactive?

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Silcon is not very reactive, like for example Sodium or Potassium, but it does react and when it does it tends to form silicates.

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How reactive is the element silicon?

How reactive is the element silicon?

Is silicon dioxide reactive?

silicon dioxide is reactive when eating egg

How reactive is silicon?

It is not very reactive

Is silicon a reactive or nonreactive?


Is silicon more reactive than sulfur?


Is caesium or silicon more reactive?

Caesium is more reactive.

What is more reactive silicon or chlorine?

Chlorine is a highly reactive element

Is silicon or chlorine more reactive?


PH of silicon dioxide?

Silicon dioxide is not a reactive solution and therefore pH does not apply to it.

Why is aluminum more reactive than silicon?

Because Aluminum comes before Silicon in the dictionary

Is tin more reactive than silicon?


What is less reactive than carbon?

For example boron and silicon.

Is silicon less reactive than aluminium?


Is phosphorus a very reactive non-metal?

Yes, very reactive, more than silicon, nitrogen and sulfur (neighbours in periodic table. But it is not the most reactive nonmetal, which is fluorine.

Is Sodium a period 3 element that is highly reactive?

yes and so is silicon and argon

In an electron dot diagram of potassium there is one dot In an electron dot diagram of silicon there are four dots Which element would you expect to be more reactive?


Do silicon is more reactive than chlorine?

No. Chlorine is more reactive than silicon. This is because Chlorine has 7 valence electrons; nearly a full outer shell, while silicon has only 4 valence electrons. An element needs 8 valence electrons to react, and Chlorine only needs one more valence electron before it can react, unlike Silicon, which needs 4.

What 2 are more reactive out of silicon phosphorus sulfur chlorine germanium arsenic selenium bromine?

slicon of course

What is the most reactive metal Al Si Cs F?

Among the elements aluminum, silicon, cesium and fluorine, cesium is the most reactive metal. It has the chemical symbol Cs and atomic number 55.

How can you predict which elements are reactive under normel conditions and which are unreactive?

The elements with either highest or lowest electronegativities are the most reactive, especially with one another. Elements with mid range electronegativity are less reactive, except for silicon and, especially, carbon, atoms of which can react readily with themselves.

Does silicon react with Hydrochloric acid?

It is slightly reactive with HCl. At the begining it starts making a few bubbles and then the bubles begin to grow

What kind of bond is silicon?

Silicon is a chemical element that has atomic number 14, symbolize as Si and less reactive because it is a tetravalent metalloid. It belongs to the covalent bond because it is unlikely to make an Ionic bond with the other elements.

Does silicon have a positive or negative ion?

Silicon does not form ionic compounds containing Si cations. It is after all a non-metal. There are some "odd" compounds called silicides binary compounds of metals with silicon but generally these are not ionic, only those with the more reactive metals have ionic nature, silicon forming cluster anions (Zintl compounds) such as Si44- (isoelectronic with P4 molecule)

What does react with plutonium?

Plutonium react with hydrogen, oxygen, halogens, carbon, nitrogen, silicon, sulfur, phosphorous, acids, etc. Plutonium is a reactive metal.

Does plutonium react?

Plutonium react with hydrogen, oxygen, halogens, carbon, nitrogen, silicon, sulfur, phosphorous, acids, etc. Plutonium is a reactive metal.

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