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It is Verbal and Physical abuse. Verbal Abuse is considered with the swearing while the physical is the slapping.

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Q: Is slapping a teenager and swearing at teenager abuse?
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Is slapping a dog a abuse?

yes slapping a dog is abuse instead you should just punish them without hurting them physically.

Is happy slapping a form of bullying?

Slapping someone is a form of physical abuse or cruelty.

Is slapping for no reason abuse?

Yes, I would say so.

Is slapping your kids illegal?

It is considered child abuse, yes.

Is slapping a 7 yr old child in the face considered child abuse in Kentucky?

Yes, it is. Slapping your child is physically abusing them.

Is slapping a 13 year old child abuse?

Yes. 13 is not yet an adult. So it is qualified as child abuse.

What does hurling abuse mean?

Shouting, insulting or swearing at someone in an angry manner.

What do you do if you find someone swearing on Wikianswers and you are not a supervisor?

Hit the report abuse button or report them to a supervisor

What is a verbally abuse?

Verbal abuse is to insult someone or hurt him by calling him names and swearing at him and cursing him, and belittling him and stepping over his dignity and self-respect.

Can abuse as a young child end up traumatizing you as a teenager?


Male and female who are more corrupt?

Males abuse or sexually abuse their children more than women, but there are a few cases where women sexually abuse their sons, but can be verbally or physically abusive by slapping, shoving towards their children.

Is smacking punching and slapping the face of a child as well as ignoring the child abuse?

The physical striking of a child can be considered abuse. Ignoring a child is neglect, but if the child comes to harm while being ignored that can be considered abuse.

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