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Is soap a compound?

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No, soap is a solution made up of several different compounds. You can read them on the label.

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Is soap a compound or mixture?

Soap is a compound. Homogeneous.

Why is soap a compound?

Soap is a solution made up of several different compounds. It is not a compound itself.

Is soap acidic?

Soap is a basic chemical compound.

Is soap a chemical?

Soap is a chemical compound or a mixture of more of them

Is soap an ionic compound or covalent compound?

Soap is the product of chemical reaction between oil & caustic soda.Therefore it is stable & hence a covalent compound.

What is the chemical formula of hand soap?

Soap is a complex mixture, not a compound.

How can you say that soap is a mixture but water is a compound?

water --> H2O (compound) soap is not as simple to write out (eg. not like water)

Is soap a compound mixture or an element?

Soap is a compound mixture, an element cannot be broken down into smaller parts. Soap can be broken down into the parts that made it. Elements are pure.

Soap formula equation?

Soap is a mixture and not a compound. It therefore does not have a chemical formula.

Soil is a mixture or a compound or a element soap is a mixture or a compound or a element?

Soil is a mixture Soap is mostly considered to be a compound, most commercial soaps however (like shampoos) are mixtures.

What is compound of soap?

NAOH(sodium hydroxide)

Is soap alkaline or acidic?

soap is alkaline in nature because the main compound is NaOH which is a base.

What is the equation of the reaction of the soap and the hydrochloric acid?

This reaction is not known; soap is not a single compound, but a mixture.

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