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aerobic activity

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Q: Is soccer an anaerobic or an aerobic activity?
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Is gymnastics aerobic or anaerobic?

anaerobic activity

Is soccer an anaerobic activity?

no, it is an aerobic activity, which is being active for a long period of time. of course anaerobic is the oppisite. being active for a short period of time as in football or basebal.

What are examples of aerobic and anaerobic reaction?

Fermentation is anaerobic. Vinegar is produced by aerobic activity using the same process.

What type of sports are Aerobic and Anaerobic?

Aerobic: Swimming, soccer, tennis, skiing, basketball, volleyball, and bicycling are examples of aerobic sports. Walking, jogging, and dancing. Anaerobic: Football, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey and Soccer

What is anaerobic and aerobic?

Anaerobic means without air aerobic means with air so an aerobic activity would require more oxyen supplied to your body throughout the workout

What are the types of cellular respiration?

Aerobic and Anaerobic Aerobic and Anaerobic Aerobic and Anaerobic

Difference between Aerobic and Anerobic Activity?

Aerobic : If respiration takes place in the presence of O2, then it is called aerobic respiration/ aerobic activity. Eg: Plants and animals, protozoans, some bacteriaAnaerobic: IF respiration takes place in the absence of O2, then it is called anaerobic respiration/ anaerobic activity. Eg: Yeast, some bacteria

Which sport is considered both an aerobic and an anaerobic activity?


Is glycolysis aerobic or anaerobic?

it is both aerobic and anaerobic...

What do you mean by arobic activity?

Aerobic activity refers to any activity that involves the use of oxygen. The absence of oxygen would be referred to as anaerobic activity.

Are humans aerobic or anaerobic?

Humans are both aerobic and anaerobic.

Is swimming 20 laps an aerobic or anaerobic activity?

This would be known as aerobic because of the fact that you are exercising for a prolong period of time, other then anaerobic which consists of short burst of exercise.

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