Is soccer still played?

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Soccer (better known as football) is extremely popular in most countries of the world.

How is soccer played?

Rules of soccer Soccer is played by one team trying to get to the goal to make a shot to gain points. The game is usually played with 9-12 people per team, and the team is made up of the defense, goalie, center, and offence. To win a point, you kick or score a goal on the opposite side. if the ( Full Answer )

How do you play soccer?

Soccer, or Association Football as it's known world-wide (sometimes just called "football", see related questions) is a game played with a spherical ball kicked with the foot or played with any part of the body except the hands and arms, with the objective of putting the ball into the opponent's goa ( Full Answer )

Why was soccer played?

Well I'm not exactly sure why, but I know that soccer was originally shepherds in Scotland kicking around a sheeps bladder filled with air and then sealed. So I guess to pass the time? First organized soccer game was in England. no idea why there either.

Who is the tallest soccer player who is still playing soccer?

Answer: The tallest active soccer player in the world is a Goalkeeper from Standard Liege called Kristof van hout at 6ft 10. Although many come close he is the only 6ft 10 player I can find. Hope to be some help! 6ft 10 is also the same as 2m 10cm

Who plays soccer?

Chelsea: Ashley Cole John Terry Didier Drogba Michael Essien Frank Lampard Barcelona: Lionel Messi Ronaldinho Thierry Henry Real Madrid: Sergio Ramos Manchester United: Wayne Rooney Michael Carrick Rio Ferdinand Michael Owen Paul Scholes Ryan Giggs

Why play soccer?

Fun, exercise, and a way to get anger out. Also its competition. . Black10 says: Why not play soccer?. Try something before you question something.

What do soccer players do when they dont play soccer?

While some soccer players play all year round. Playing indoor in the winter. Others condition by running short and long distances, watching what they eat, and weight train in a gym. A good way to to get long distance running in during to colder months is to run on an elpitical.

Who played soccer?

There are millions of soccer players. First you start from Pele to go all the way to Chicharito Hernandez!

How can you play soccer?

you can play soccer by first understanding the rules, practicing, having confidence in yourself and through a lot of teamwork.

Who is the oldest soccer player still playing?

As far as I know, Dickie Borthwick of Wyke Veterans near Weymouth appears to be the oldest. I am the oldest registered player with the F.A in the northwest of England, I play in the Westmorland Sunday league here in Kendal,Cumbria. This year we have won the League Championship inluding the Westmorla ( Full Answer )

Why are you still 140 lbs at 5' 2 if you eat healthy and play soccer and volleyball almost every day?

There are toxins stored around the fat cells. there are many pollutants in our day to day life, these toxins are cought up in the fat cells which retain water and may appear as celultie or just extra insulation. As well as proper diet and exercise it is useful and effective to get Body wraps to get ( Full Answer )

Where is soccer played in?

Every where soccer is the most popular sport in the world!!!!Soccer is not enjoyed by millions,its enjoyed by billions!!!Basket ball,foot ball,and base ball are only enjoyed by millions,and soccer billions!!!

What is soccer played on?

\nSoccer is played on a field, 110 yards (100 meters) LONG and 70 yards (64 meters) WIDE.

Where did they play soccer?

if you mean where it started it started in china where the army leader divided his army into two teams and made them practice and it actually helped them win some battles

Where can soccer be played?

\n. \n. \nIt can be played indoors, but its often either played outdoors on grass, or turf.

Why do you play soccer?

You play soccer to get a better understanding of hockey. newtest3 People play soccer to have fun and be competitive. They also play it to win!

How do you you play soccer?

How do you play soccer? That's easy to explain. There are eleven players on the field at one time. You can situate them in any order you want but you should have at least three offense, three midfield, three defense, a sweep, and a goalie or you can change it to how you like it. First off, you start ( Full Answer )

What does a soccer player use to play soccer?

Poor children use just a soccer ball, but professional soccer players use cleats, jerseys, shinguards, and socks. Goalkeepers use special gloves, and sometimes headgear.

Does David Beckham still play soccer?

No , he is awaiting surgery on his Achilles tendon. Article from CNN below is from May 16 2010. Sporting icon David Beckham has vowed to battle back to "full fitness" after having surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles tendon. The injury has shattered Beckham's hopes of playing for England in h ( Full Answer )

What do you do in playing soccer?

Well it depends what u want to know... Goalie: You try to save the ball In a little net behind you and you try to save the ball so the opposing team does not get a goal. Defencing defence it is what it sounds like you are right in front of the goalie and you try to help the goalie so her/his ( Full Answer )

Soccer was played with a?

soccor used to be played with a goats bladder, then a leather ball filled with cloth, and now a soccor ball.

Where do they play soccer?

If you are referring to "they" as anyone, then all around the world. Soccer is most popular in England which is where it originated and it has slowly grown in the United States. More than half of the population in England plays soccer not just as a past time but as a profession too. In the next few ( Full Answer )

Playing soccer ball with chest in soccer?

So long as you don't touch the ball with your arms and hands, you can play the ball with any part of your body. ***Even with your penis... Just like L.Messi did last time xD

Why did they play soccer?

They played soccer because it was fun, athletic, creative, and alot of exercise soccer is an amazing sport that everyone should try.

Who is the best goalkeeper that still plays soccer?

It is the Italian goalkeeper of Juventus Gianlughi Buffon, he is also the Italian goalkeeper. And is the highest paid goalkeeper in the world. another possibility is Petre Ceche who currently plays for the English Premier League club, Chelsea F.C

Can you play soccer?

Yes, I can play soccer. But next time you want to ask a not-so-important question, please ask someone else! Thanks much! ~SoccerHelper

Why is soccer still a sport?

Because it's the beuatiful game, a team sport, a game that gives you the rush of adrealine, a game where you need to love and you need to desire, a game that is the world's favorite. Play it and you'll know. It's impossible not to love soccer.

How played soccer?

Soccer is played when you have a ball and a human when uhv som friends it helps to play soccer with some friends and thatisfunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ( Full Answer )

Is soccer one of the world's oldest known sports still played today?

Yes it is in fact one of the oldest sports known to this day. Many cultures claim to have invented this sport, but the real creators are the Indians. I am not sure which tribe was the master mind behind the sport, but I do know they were the creators. Hope this helps, Nux88

I am 15 I haven't played soccer since 6th grade I joined my high school team and am on JV I'm not that good so i practice every day can I still be a soccer pro or am I to inexperianced?

Of course providing youre good enough! Yes of course. Some footballers or you say soccer players werent great at first. Practise makes perfect! Just keep working at it even if its a mess about with mates in the park. And dont give up on your dream, but make sure you have a backup plan just in case. ( Full Answer )

Can you still be a pro if you started playing soccer at the age of 12?

dude anyways when ur really young like 5 and 6 it doesn't matter because its like puppies chasing a ball. now at age 12-16 is the most important. another tip is to not keep looking at the past and regretting not starting early becuz that will take u nowhere. the past is gone and there's nothing u ca ( Full Answer )

If you are fat can you still be a soccer player?

Not really. You can give it a go, there are very few footballers who are on the large side, mainly because they need to be agile and run for 90 minutes. That is in the professional game of course, in the lower leagues especially amateur level you will see some big lads giving it a go.

What do you have to were when you play soccer?

Playing soccer is a very simple game. The only thing you really need to wear are shinguards, and a mouth guard(opptional), cleats, and long socks to go over the shinguards.

Can you still play soccer if you have astigmatism?

Short answer: YES Football (soccer) is a game that is dependent on the players being able to see and react to what they see. Astigmatism is a correctable (in most cases) eye condition. Usually by corrective lenses (Glasses or contacts) If the optometrist can correct you vision, you can become a ve ( Full Answer )

What can you get from playing soccer?

There are many health benefits such as increased cardiovascular health, stengthening of muscles, improved coordination, and better problem solving capabilities.