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Is social investing a trend or true investment philosophy?

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I guess that Social investing is more linked to momentum investing and that it is for sure an investment philosophy regarding short term investments! It´s Bi-directional! Action - Reaction!

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Is Red Robin Burgers a good investment?

Red Robin Burgers is not currently a good investment. Their trend has been downward for the past three months. Now would be a good time to buy if you believe their stock will improve.

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What are the Long term Forex trading tips to get succeed in the FX market?

There are 2 ways given by MMF Solutions to do long term investment in forex are as:Follow TrendFollowing trend is long term Forex tips to trade successfully as per the live market condition. In order to maximize the probability of winning trade, trend is profitable Currency Tips that help investors to achieve their goal.Apply the Time FrameIt's essential to follow correct time frame that allows right placing and closing the orders. Investing with time frame will increase the probability of winning the trade consistently too.

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Why does investment spending rise and fall with the overall level of GDP?

a good indicator is the business cycle diagram and the difference between real GDP and trend rate( which the g'ment is targeting) if real is below trend it is a good indicator that the economy is in a recession. Because this is the case firms are less likely to be spending on capital goods aka. investment spending. They may decide to fix current capital goods.

Finance projects topics for MBA students?

Investment analysis of [Company] (MBA Finance)

What has the author L A Little written?

L. A. Little has written: 'Trend qualification and trading' -- subject(s): Stock price forecasting 'Trend trading set-ups' -- subject(s): Investment analysis, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance, Stock price forecasting, Portfolio management

What does trend mean?

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What is market breath of stock market?

Market Breath or trend is a theory that predicts the strength of the stock market, Stock market investment is a very good way of handling your money if you know how to read market breath. Let me help you, I'm Tiaan, and I'm an investment professional, visit my website at, I'll be glad to help you in your investment needs.

What is the definition of a positive trend?

A positive trend is a trend that is increasing; a negative trend shows a declining value.

Recent trends and future challenges of management?

The importance of social media is a new trend businesses must leverage to connect with customers. Social media will continue to be a big challenge for businesses in the future.

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