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No. More often than not, homeschoolers have better socialization than peers because they are around a variety of ages; young and old, not just peers. Homeschoolers social with kids in soccer practice, youth group, neighbors, etc.

School is not meant for socialization, you go to school to learn. It is also noteworthy a 8 year-old will learn better socialization skills from a civil adult than from another 8 year-old.

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Where can I find resources specifically for homeschoolers?

the best resources specifically for homeschoolers is ( think that was the best website for homeschoolers based on my knowledge.

Where can I find other homeschoolers ?

I would talk to your public school. They will have some sort of record of other homeschoolers in the area.

What is a synonym for enculturation?


Different types of socialization?

What is socialization? Write down diifferent types of socialization. what is the process of socialization?

Do homeschoolers go to college?

Yes. Most of them.

What is a public schooler's opinion on homeschoolers?

nO comment ! :))

What do homeschoolers call homework?

They call it homework.

What is family socialization?

what is family socialization

Components of socialization?

What are some compnents of socialization

What is the difference between agents and agencies of socialization?

the agent of socialization are the people who socialize while agencies of socialization are the place where socialization take place

What example for anticipatory socialization?

examples of anticipatory socialization

Which of these words is a synonym for socialization?


What is a synonym for socialization?

A possible synonym for socialization is upbringing. In this sense you can refer to the primary socialization (primary socialization agents, primary socialization process), which would involve the first years of a child's life.More broadly, a synonym is enculturation.enculturation.

What is anticipatory socialization?

anticipatory socialization is the rehersal of things in future

What are the Agencies of socialization affecting your morality?

are the agencies of socialization affecting morality

Social institutions are what of the socialization process?

social institutions are of the socialization process.

What is the factor that influence socialization process?

socialization process friends influence

Does the communicative property work with subtraction?

The answer is No I am homeschooled and this is a common question for homeschoolers

Conclusion of isolation as social psychological problem?

The conclusion to isolation as a social psychological problem has to do with the process of socialization. Research shows that lack of interaction may impede both social skills and language.

What is the greatest influence on political socialization?

family has the greatest influence on political socialization.

Do Agents of socialization consist of instincts?

Socialization is not wholly instinctive, it is also learned.

Which best describes how Erik erikson views socialization?

Socialization is a series of steps

How agents of socialization impacts your life?

There are many agents of socialization that impact your life. The exposure that socialization gives you to different cultures is one massive impact.

How is marriage an agent of socialization?

Marriage is an agent of socialization. It perpetuates the main socialization tool, which is the family. Families are where people first learn what is expected of them socially.

What is informal socialization?

Informal socialization is learning outside of an institution. Agents for informal socialization include family and friends or peers. This type of socialization helps you learn to interact with people as well as how to use things such as computers and utensils.