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Is sodium also called salt?

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Sodium is a chemical element, a metal.

Sodium chloride is a salt.

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What is Sodium Chloride also known as?

Sodium Chloride is also known as NaCl, also known as the abbreviation. It is commonly called table salt or simply salt.

What is a salt element?

The elements in table salt are sodium and chlorine, NaCl, where Na is the symbol for sodium and Cl for chlorine. It can also be called sodium chloride.

Is salt also called NaCl?

Only by chemists: Na (sodium) + Cl (chlorine) = NaCl = sodium chloride = table salt.

Where can you find the sodium chloride at household?

Sodium chloride is also called common salt. It is the same salt you find in the kitchen and put in your food.

Name the elements present in common salt?

Common salt or also called as table salt is sodium chloride. It consists of a metal sodium and a non-metal Chlorine.

What is NaCl?

Sodium chloride, or table salt.Sodium Chloride (Salt)Na - SodiumCl - ChlorideIt can be also known as salt, common salt and table salt.

What type of substance is sodium choride?

Sodium chloride or NaCl is a type of ionic compound that is called a 'salt'. There are many, many salts, but NaCl is also table salt.

What two chemicals make salt?

salt is also called sodium chloride. sodium is a mineral on the periodic table, and so is chlorine. sodium + chlorine gas = salt sodium and chlorine are fatally dangerous, but when put together, they make something completely harmless and useful.

Name of the salt which is most maked in the salt?

Common salt also called table salt is composed mainly of the chemical compound Sodium chloride (NaCl).

What are crystals of salt called sodium chloride?

Because table salt composition fulfill the salt sodium chloride (NaCl).

What is the scientific name for salt?

Salt is made up of two elements, sodium and chlorine, also seen at NaCl.The chemical name is sodium chloride; as a mineral is called halite.

What is the chemical name for salt?

Table salt is sodium chloride, or NaCl. It might also be called halite (which is the name of sodium chloride crystals considered as a mineral), though that's more the geological name for salt).

Sodium chloride is commonly called?

It is commonly called 'Table salt' or simply 'Salt'.

What do you get when you combine sodium and chloride?

Combining sodium and chlorine gives you common table salt, also called sodium chloride, along with a considerable amount of heat energy.

What is salt made of that is inside of a salt shaker?

Standard table salt is primarily sodium chloride. Iodized salt also contains sodium iodide.

Is sodium bicarbonate the same as salt?

No,salt is a compound of sodium and chlorine. Sodium bicarbonate is a compound of hydrogen carbon oxygen and sodium. It also is used to reduce acidity where as salt kills bacteria.

What are the contents of table salt?

sodium chloride is called table salt.

What is the household equivalent of sodium chloride?

In a kitchen sodium chloride is called table salt, edible salt etc.

What is caustic salt?

Sometimes the mixture of sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide is called caustic salt; it is a residue of the electrolysis.

Were it is found the sodium chloride in earth?

Sodium chloride is found in salt mines - former seabeds.A lot of the sodium chloride on Earth is found in seawater. They are also used in food and in industry. Sodium chloride is also known as table salt.

What kind of mineral does a rock salt have?

Rock Salt is composed of NaCl or it also known as the mineral Halite or it is chemically called sodium chloride

What is NaCl made out of?

NaCl is made of sodium and chloride ions bonded by an ionic bond, and is called sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is also known as common table salt.

What is called as Himalayan salt and is it a recommended medicines for sodium deficiancy?

Himalayan salt is not iodized unlike many other salts. Pink Himalayan salt is also available.

What are elements called what are in salt?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) contain sodium and chlorine.

What are the ellements in salt called?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) contain sodium and chlorine.

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