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if you are a virgin and are having sex for the first time, no there is nothing wrong. if you are not a virgin and havwnt had sex in a significant amount of time this is normal as well.


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Rough Sex or it was your first time or your too tight or your too dry.

it can hurt for a very little time, or it can hurt for a day or 2 afterwards. it can depend how rough the intercourse was. it can hurt for a very little time, or it can hurt for a day or 2 afterwards. it can depend how rough the intercourse was.

It's unlikely - babies are pretty well protected.

If you have just started having sex,yes.Or if it was rough,maybe.

it could be due to position his size or being to rough

it depended on what the patients symptoms were, if the doctor had a rough idea no blood was taken, just urine, but if they didn't really know they would take a small amount of blood

its a draft of something that is rough and you can do a neater one later( i think?)

Rough endoplasmic reticulum is for protein manufacturing, as its rough exterior is due to the amount of ribosomes hanging on.

You would bleed after intercourse if you were a virgin. Any bleeding done after the fact, should be seen by a doctor. It can also mean that he was too rough with you, and needs to be more gentler.

If you are new to intercourse it may be that the boy is a bit rough and the girl is a bit tense. There may not have been enough foreplay and the girl is rather dry, make sure there is enough lubrication, either natural or something like KY jelly. If it is a new problem the girl may have an infection like candida.

Dont be too rough remember that it can be painful to a greater or lesser degree for some the first time.

a rough endoplasmic reticulum is something thats in a cell that is conected with ribosomes

Rough surfaces, the rougher the surface, the greater the friction.

course - a process coarse - something very rough; rough surface

Could be a sign of implantation bleeding. However, implantation bleeding is actually quite rare. Chances are the intercourse was rough or your body is just kick starting your cycle.

Spotting after your period can happen for a variety of reasons:Break through bleeding from birth controlBreak through bleeding from plan bPregnancyLeft over blood from your periodUrinary tract infectionRough intercourse or foreplay

Rough or hard is not soft.

It may be possible. If that bleeding is a small amount and light red or brownish in colour, then it's most likely implantation.Congratulations!! Answer yes or just old blood from period or blood from having rough sex really.

Not as long as you are careful-just take it easy with the act of intercourse or it can cause tears, etc. which take forever to heal.

Something that is rough, sharp and uneven, such as mountain peaks.

rigid is when something is pointy and rough

rough surfaces because it has more bumps that stop it from moving faster

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