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NO you are just getting used to the idea of love. Once you know more about love then you'll understand the differences between like and love.

AnswerAn eleven-year-old can certainly love someone, and this is perfectly normal. It is even more normalized by the fact that you are a girl. As you probably learned last year, girls go through puberty before guys do. You are probably in your first or second year of it at this point. This part may sound a bit confusing, but basically, your hormones are going crazy, making you automatically like a bunch of guys. It happens to everyone. It will make you feel very awkward around them at times, and you will undoubtedly think about this. No one here has any way of really knowing whether this is "true love" or not; but it doesn't really matter. If/when it's the real thing, you'll know. You won't have to ask any questions, and it will seem so natural. Just bear with it for a few years and eventually this question will answer itself. AnswerNot at all you are just confused and excited and have probably just discovered liking boys. Its all new and you haven't been able to distinguish what you want in a guy. I don't think that you're falling in love, it sounds like you just think they're cute, so there's NOTHING wrong with you! Everyone is pretty much like that around your age.

And if it makes you feel any better, most people go through that stage(even if they don't admit it) but it gets WAY easier when you are a few years older.

Answerno your just going through hormonal changes


I know what you are talking about and that's not even near LOVE. You are 11. Its obviously not love but you've started crushing and taking an interest in boys.


I'm not going to tell you you're too young to love (I'm eleven, too). But I do think that you might not be in love-just a crush. Especially if it's a lot of boys. If you think it's love, that's okay. If you believe that, to answer your question: nothing is wrong. You're eleven (and so am I) and we do like a lot of guys. But talk to boys more, hang out with them and really see which ones you like and which ones you don't. And you don't really need to be paying attention in love and boys and crushes and all that. You're young, just have fun.

AnswerActually NO , You`re just starting to feel "LOVE" don`t worry , that`ll happen throughout your life. AnswerNot really but you have to like them for the right reasons. And its not love come on your 11! You just started liking boys. No. You want attention (in a good way). You're growing up and you want guys to notice you in a different light. You think you love them but you don't really. You just want to be grown up (again in a good way).



Answer-No, actually not at all. You are just getting used to the love category and your hitting that stage in life, when you want to be loved. It seems you are only eleven, so I will warn you, just because you fall in love with every guy you sit with, doesn't mean you have to date every single one. Pick out ONE you really like, and you don't even have to date him right now, just wait, you have your whole life laid out ahead of you. From experience, don't date young, cause if you date young, and it messes up, you probably won't have a good chance with him when you get older, not saying you won't.


Well yes there is something wrong with that but the question is are you really in love with every guy you sit next to or do you just think that a lot of guys are cute love and crushing on someone is to totally different things. It's just at this time you may not know the difference so just becarful with your love life!


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Falling in love is called falling cause you can't stop it or make it happen it just happens. When you fall in love is something that happens over time.

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