Is something wrong with you if your period is red and brownish black?


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Not at all. Bleeding red and or brownish black while on your period is perfectly normal because when its red its just blood obviously but if its brownish black its just discharge usually occurs near the end of your period but it happens in between that's nothing to worry about :)


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it probably means that you are on birth control, and youre normal. that is not something to be worried about.

Yes something is wrong. You are suppose to have a normal period every month.

There might be something wrong. You might have a vaginal infection. You should probably check with a doctor.

No, there is nothing wrong with you. If you get to 18 and you still haven't had your period, you need to go and see the doctor

No unless something is wrong with you

Very black in vomiting indicates old blood, from an area that was bleeding and now is not bleeding. Vomiting red or black blood in vomiting is serious! You need to see a doctor. If it is more brownish-black, and thin, then you could have gastritis, which means something wrong with the stomach. You need to see the doctor. NOTE: No one on an online Forum can diagnose. Only a doctor can tell you what is wrong.

No, if that is normal for you then you are fine. If you all of a sudden went from 28 days to 21 then something is wrong.

no there is nothing wrong with you...just use a tampon when your in the water

No, nothing is wrong. Some periods are light and some heavy.

If your period came on and a string came out this is not good. You could have something very wrong.

MAN PERIOD. It is the only possible answer.

No there not at all but there a bit better a running.

because there is something wrong with it

There is nothing wrong with brown blood at the end of the menstrual cycle, it is oxidized blood. This means you are nearing the end of they cycle and your body is "cleaning" itself out.

Absolutely NOT Black eyes generally mean that there is something seriously wrong

that happend to my dog she had something wrong with her system and i took her to the doctor. =]

brownish hazel bluewrong they are blue

You may have a hormonal imbalance so see your doctor.

That depends. Are you pregnant or are you getting ready to start your period? It depends.

it means something can be wrong with your ovaries go to the doctor :)

Something is wrong she needs a visit to her doctor.

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