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Is something wrong with your betta fish if it hasn't eaten since you got it?

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if your not using betta food, then that could be your problem. ick can also be the problem to this, its a rare but common disease and it can be treated ick is white spots all over the body on dark fish is can be easily seen, light colored fish like orange or red somewhere between the light colors in can be really hard to notice so make sure that you always look at your fish closly this can kill your fish if not detected and can lead to loss of apetite because the parasite is making the fish weaker and cant get to the top, if you keep your fish tank below 84 then you can most likely get this parasite but if you keep them no higher then that then if will speed up the cycle of these parasites and kill them faster and if your water wont stay at that temperature then i recommend you get a heater they can be found at any pet store. and treatment for this is ick guard, quickclear, and ick away. theres more just ask someone that works in a petstore.

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