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make sure the guinea pig is getting enough food and water. it could have problems eating if the teeth are too long and need to be ground down at the vet. also, if nothing is stimulating the pig, i'd say to go to a vet asap so you can catch something early if it is sick. it depends on how long the pig has been lethargic, too. if it's only been a day or two, wait a couple more. the only 'downside' is that guinea pigs are considered 'exotics' and can cost a lot for vet visits. i still think it would be worth it. try calling the vet to describe symptoms first to see if they can offer some help over the phone. Buy a small book on Guinea Pigs because they do hibernate.

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Are guinea pigs active?

Guinea pigs have to get used to their home before they start to be active

What does it mean when guinea pigs are over-active?

it means your guinea pig is hyper if it normally is hyper take it to the vet

Should you get a guinea pig or a chinchilla?

Guinea pigs are more active.

Are guniea pigs active?

little Guinea pigs are the older the less active but remember not to get a Guinea really really young it will miss the mother

How often are guinea pigs active?

Guinea Pigs are very active if they are happy and a big part of your life. I get my guinea pigs out every other day so they can runaround in the back yard (if you do this make sure your grass does not have chemicals on it, chemicals can kill your guinea pig.) It is a good idea to get two guinea pigs because they are social animals. If you have two guinea pigs they will be happier and more active because they are never bored. It is a good idea if you feed your guinea pigs spinage and carrots as treats If you do all that you will have very happy and active guinea pigs.

Are hamsters as active as guinea pigs?

both can be quite active though hamsters only at night, guinea pigs tend to be more playful and enjoy the company of people more.

Where is Papue New Guinea located?

In the pacific ocean somewhat next to japan.

Why do guinea pigs sneeze?

I think guinea pigs sneeze because there is something in their throat or there is something that is irritating them.

Are ginea pigs active?

Are guinea pigs active? Why yes they popcorn and dance and play and run around.

Are guinea pigs night animals?

They are not strictly nocturnal or diurnal, but are more active in the daytime.

What is something that scurries?

guinea pig

When do guinea pigs sieep?

guinea pigs sleep at night time , but a round 7;30 pm they get most active . that will laast about 56 min.

Do Guinea pigs ever sleep?

Guinea pigs are active up to 20 hours each day, and sleep for short periods only.

Why does your guinea pig hate the light?

It depends on what kind of guinea pig you have. If you have a day time guinea pig then it will actually want light. But you probably have a night time meaning it is active at night then your guinea pig would not like the light.

How do you treat the flu for guinea pigs?

Take your guinea pig to the vet if something seems wrong...

When you guinea pigs butt is pointing up what does that mean?

it means that the guinea pig wants something.

Where does the name guinea pig come from?

I think cos guinea pigs are related to pigs and they were sold in Peru for one guinea something like that

Are hamsters as energetic as guinea pigs?

both guinea pigs and hamsters can be very active although hamsters only at night, guinea pigs tend to be more playful and enjoy the company of people more.

Boy or girl guinea pigs nice?

Both are equally cute and all Guinea Pigs differ from each other.But generally male Guinea Pigs are more alert and active than female Guinea Pigs.But,female Guinea Pigs will be more calm and gentle when you handle them.

Why is your guinea pig suddenly less active?

It is probably sick. Go to a proffessional for advice.

Are guinea pigs noctrenal?

No. They are "diurnal", which means they sleep at night and are active during the day.

How many of chromosomes number in sperm of a guinea pig?

lolol You gonna have sex with a Guinea Pig or something?

What time do guinea pigs wake up?

guinea pigs are awake like, all the time. when they sleep i dont think they do it for that long... but they are more active at night

How do you know when a guinea pig is old any signs?

Guinea pigs are considered seniors at age 4, sometimes their fur will gray and they become less active.

Can you buy a guinea pig treadmill?

Unlike other rodents like mice, rats and hamsters, guinea pigs don't need a treadmill. They are not active enough.

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