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At first glance, there may seem to be some duplication or overlap, but there is little in common between aerokinesis and sonokinesis. Those with the power of aerokinesis can control air, and those with the power of sonokinesis can control sound (its pressure waves). Let's look at each and try to answer the question at hand. Aerokinesis can allow a practitioner to move air and create a draft, breeze, gust of wind, gale, or maelstrom as the ability level of the master increases. Can the practitioner cause air to "part" and create a vacuum? If so, the aerokinesthetic adept can create "channels" or "passageways" in air. By causing the air to form a conduit (a sort of pipe) and insulate it with a vacuum, the sound would travel only in the pipe and would not be able to get out to other air because of the evacuated space around it. The construct called into existence would allow sound to duct or tunnel from one place to another (through the "pipe").

Alas, the master of aerokinesthetics cannot create a vacuum. His power does not extend to causing some air to leave a space and other air to stay out of that space. He can only move what is there in a "continuous" way. By moving air, sound would be "damped" to some degree. Wind (moving air) makes it more difficult for sound to travel through it, particularly if the moving air is turbulent. Aerokinesis can only affect sound to a certain degree. It would be hard to carry on a conversation with another separated by just 20 feet in a full gale, but it could be done. Sonokinesis permits the user to direct the pressure waves that create sound. Recall that sound travels in air, but it also travels in anything else that will support the pressure wave -- the mechanical energy -- that is sound. Sound also travels in water and other liquids (gases, such as air, and liquids, such as water, are sometimes grouped under the general heading "fluids") and in all types of solids. (The other states of matter are beyond the scope of this answer.)

The sonokinesthetic adept could stop, slow, accelerate, focus, direct, and otherwise manipulate sound in all mediums. Note that only the sound that is there could be controlled. If a master wished to make sound travel through a long sheet of, say, foam rubber, he would be able to concentrate and direct the sound but not amplify it or create more than was there initially. And it may not propagate all the way to the other end because of the "damping" effect of the foam, notwithstanding the fact that the sound energy was concentrated. As a side note, it may be possible to get an initial sound "bite" to enter a solid and, by controlling it, get some mechanical resonance to occur. That would produce amplification, like moving a damp finger around the rim of a stemmed glass. The masters of aerokinesis and sonokinesis are, in general, good friends. The abilities of the one do not overshadow the abilities the other, and that is the key to their mutual amicability.

[The information set down here is provided by an adept, but not one in either of these arts. Caveats apply.]

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Q: Is sonokinesis a form of aerokinesis?
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