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No, but some soups may contain a little flour used for a thickening.

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Q: Is soup made from flour?
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What is pomodorina soup?

It is a thick, Italian style soup made with tomatoes and basil . I thicken mine with potato flour.

Does cream of mushroom soup have flour in it?

Yes it does, Bleach enriched flour and Wheat flour as well.

Can you thicken soup with plain or self raising flour?

Either one will work. Mix flour and water or soup stock in a cup, bring the soup to slow boil and stir the flour mixture in slowly until it is the desired consistency. Corn starch is probably better choice.

How do you get rid of the flour taste after the soup is put together?

Let the soup cook for the recommended amount of time and the flour will have absorbed the broth and will have cooked. The "flouriness" will go away. I recommend not adjusting anything at all until the soup has cooked for awhile.

If you freeze turkey carcass and make soup can you freeze soup?

If your soup has no thickening agent (ie. cornstarch or flour) it will freeze well with no adverse effects.

What is the history of Won Ton soup?

Wonton soup originated in North China. Although no specific date is given for the wonton origin, it is believed that it dates back to the Qing Dynasty. It is a clear soup that features dumplings made from flour and filled with ground meats and spices.

What is tarhana soup?

Tarhana soup originates in Turkey and its main ingredients are onions, flour, green peppers, yogurt and tomatoes.

How did Singapore obtain food in 1960?

the people grew tapioca as it was very easy to grow and it could be made into a lot of things such as flour, soup and cakes

Can be made in to soup or pie?

Pumpkin can be made into a soup or a pie.

What is a pasta made of soup?

Don't you mean soup made with pasta? You may mean miso soup of ramen noodle soup

What is ramen made of?

Ramen is made with noodles made from wheat flour dough, sliced into noodle shapes, and a broth, made like most broths by boiling down vegetables or bones or both into a clear soup. Instant ramen dries the noodles into a block, and dries the soup into a powder, to make it easy to store and use.

What is fire cake?

"Fire cake" is a cooked mixture of flour and water with a consistency from flat bread to a light soup made by the starving soldiers at Valley Forge. Flour was the one of the last of their provisions, just before they had to eat their shoes!

What is pumpkin soup?

Pumpkin soup is a soup made from the inside of a pumpkin.

What soup is made of seafood and vegetables?

Pho soup - a vietnamese soup

How is vegetarian tomato bisque soup made?

Vegetarian tomato bisque soup is made by first sweating onions and oregano over medium heat with olive oil. You must then add flour, tomatoes, chicken broth, salt and pepper and bring the pot down to a simmer. After ten minutes, your tomato bisque soup should be ready for consumption.

How is flour made for chapaties?

For chapaties flour is made out of wheat..

Is turtle soup made of turtles?

Sadly, yes. Turtle soup is soup or stews made from the flesh of the turtle.

Difference of wheat flour and corn flour?

clue in the name: wheat flour is made from wheat, corn flour is made from corn

What is almond flour?

Almond Flour is made from ground sweet almonds. Almond Flour is usually made from blanched almonds. Almond Flour is made from ground sweet almonds. Almond Flour is usually made from blanched almonds.

What is a Palestine soup?

A Palestine soup is a variety of soup made with Jerusalem artichokes.

What type of foods are made from cereal crops?

wheat for flour so you can make cakes, multigrained bread, oarts for oatmeal or muffins and barley for beer or tins of soup.

A place where flour is made?

Flour is made in a mill.

What kind of soup did they make in the great depression?

they made potato soup and tomato soup and mushroom soup

Where is flour made?

Flour is wheat. The grains are ground to make flour.

Where do flour originate from?

Most flour is made by grinding grains. The most common flour in the U.S. is made from wheat.