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YES! the spark plug ignites the fuel mixture and causes combustion.

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Q: Is spark plug wire part of the ignition system?
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Is the spark plug part of the ignition system?


Is a spark plug a part of the ignition system?

YES! the spark plug ignites the fuel mixture and causes combustion

What components are part of the ignition system?

Battery,ignition coil, distributor, spark plug, high tension leads

Is a spark plug part of a ignition?


What is a coil on plug ignition system?

A system where the Ignition Coils are located on top of the spark plug boots... Coils powered by the ECM.

What does CDI in Honda tmx means?

It stands for Capacitive Discharged Ignition. It is Part of the ignition system obviously and stores electricity to make a larger stronger spark in the spark plug.

Is a spark plug a component of an ignition system?


1999 Saab 93 spark plug wire?

It doesn't have them, the red part on top of the spark plugs is called Direct Ignition. It replaces coil and cables in the ignition system! Wasman,

Does ignition coil affect cars electrical system?

The ignition coil would only affect the spark to the spark plug(s).

What is the name for the part that provides connection from ignition coil to spark plugs?

The spark plug wire(s) .

What is the primary parts in an ignition system?

Okay it break down like this; 1, the ignition. coil. 2, trigger or ignition module, 3 spark plug wire, 4 spark plug. You dident ask how it works. Wanna Know? I'm kolher. The primary system is the the low voltage side, points, ignition module, primary side of ignition coil and ignition switch. The secondary windings of the coil, coil wire, distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires and spark plugs are parts of the secondary system.

What are the major components of the ignition system?

Ignition switch, coils, starter, alternator, spark plugs. plug wires, battery.

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