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Is spectacular from pretty ricky a virgin?

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βˆ™ 2009-04-01 14:54:17

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No, but he was when he 1st stated the group........

2009-04-01 14:54:17
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What is spectacular name from pretty RICKY?

Spectacular Smith.

Does Spectacular from Pretty Ricky have a Son?


Is Spectacular from Pretty Ricky Married?

No Spectacular from the R&B boy band, Pretty Ricky is not married. Spectacular released a song in 2011 entitled, Beat it Up.

Does spectacular from pretty ricky have a girl?

No. Spectacular is single. he is single and sexy!

How tall is spectacular from pretty ricky?

He is 5,5

When is spectacular from pretty ricky birthday?

September 7,1986

Does spectacular from pretty ricky have a girlfriend?

no he does not but has been looking!!

When is Spectacular from Pretty Ricky born?

September 7

Who is spectacular pretty ricky dating?

Tavisha locklin

How tall is Spectacular of the band Pretty Ricky?

5ft. 2

Do spectacular from pretty ricky have kids?

yes his name is Jr.

Are the pretty ricky boys related?

Spectacular and Baby Blue are...

Does spectacular from pretty ricky have kids?

No I dont think he has kids

Spectacular from pretty ricky child's name?

Lucy dicxson...

Are the members of pretty ricky related?

Yes, Spectacular and Baby Blue

How do you spell the pretty ricky names?

Spectacular,Slickem, and Baby Blue

Who is Spectacular?

ok but do u no that come grl sweet16teen b-day party he is from the grup pretty ricky and he is a rapper he is from the grup pretty ricky and he is a rapper

How old is Spectacular from Pretty Ricky?

Spectacular (Blue Smith) is 30 years old (born September 7, 1986).

Does Pretty Ricky have a favorite song?

Yes!!!! Baby Blue: Tipsy (In Dis Club) By Pretty Ricky Spectacular: Tipsy (In Dis Club) By Pretty Ricky Slick' Em : Dirty Diana By Michael Jackson Lingerie: Love By Musiq Soulchild

Did Raven Symone date Spectacular Smith?

Yes, Raven Symone actually dated the R&B singer "Spectacular" from the Pretty Ricky group.

What is all the members of the Pretty Ricky group?

The Members Names are Slick'Em, baby Blue, Spectacular, and Lingerie

Are pretty ricky all brothers?

Yes, only the original members of Pretty Ricky (Pleasure P, Spectacular, Slick em Hound, and Baby Blue) are brothers. They share the same father.

What are the new names for pretty ricky?

The group members are LINGRIE , Spectacular, Baby Blue, and Slick'em (Slickemdelephante). LINGRIE is the new member but as a group no new name, Pretty Ricky always and forever.

What is pretty ricky the groups real name?

Slick 'Em [Corey Mathis], Baby Blue [Diamond Smith], Pleasure [Marcus Cooper], Spectacular [Spectacular Smith]

Will Pretty Ricky ever find true love?

in do time they will but spectacular have found his true love KyAnna Ray