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no ... not SPEED OF A MOVING CAR ......IT is to measure the average speed of a car

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an air velocity meter to measure the speed of ventilating air in mine shafts

A speedometer measures speed only and not velocity. Velocity is a measure speed of travel and the direction of travel. A GPS unit would measure velocity as it would measure both speed and direction of travel.

Direction. Velocity is a vector measure combining a magnitude (speed) and a direction.

Police measur speed with a radar gun. It uses the Doppler effect to find speed. You can measure distance traveled and use a stopwatch to measure speed yourself. You asked about velocity, however. Velocity is the combination of speed and direction. To measure velocity, you have to track the direction of travel. For that, either a compass, a chart or some other measure.

no. a SPEEDometer measures SPEED. not velocity: direction

Speed rate of change on position (meter per second{m/s}) Velocity speed with direction

It is a measure of speed in a specific direction

speed is the measure of an object

Speed and Velocity are the same thing, it is a measure of rate of change of position of an object.

Speed is a measure of motion and velocity just includes what direction it happens in.Acceleration is a measure of changes in speed.

The SI unit for speed and velocity are the same: meter per second (m/s)

A speedometer or Mach-meter is used to measure speed.

Velocity A Vector is the measurement of velocity and direction.

In place of a velocity meter (speedomoeter), one can use a stopwatch or clock to measure the time elapsed to cover a fixed distance.

By definition velocity means speed, and moving air is wind, logically thinking. The weather instrument an anemometer measures wind speed. So yes an amemometer can measure air velocity.

It measures wind velocity. That is wind speed.

Speed, or velocity. For velocity you would also need a direction.

They are changing velocity. Velocity is the measure of speed and direction

Speed is the rate of change of distance with time. Velocity is a measure of both speed and direction of a moving object. Velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time. Speed is a distance an object goes, velocity is measurment of speed AND direction.

Velocity is a measure of speed at any one instant and acceleration is a measure of change in speedAcceleration is defined as the rate at which velocity changes.Constant velocity doesn't change, so it's a condition of zero acceleration.

Force: newton Speed: meters/second Direction: An angular unit would usually be used here - either degrees or radians Time: Second Velocity: Same as speed (but a direction must also be specified) Distance: meter

Velocity measures speed in a given direction.

That is the speed or velocity.That is the speed or velocity.That is the speed or velocity.That is the speed or velocity.

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