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== == First of all, lets assume you mean semen. Sperm are the little swimming guys you see in reproduction videos; semen is the lubricative substance that surrounds them and can exist free of sperm. Yes, it is good for the skin. Semen is not only rich in vitamin "E" but it is a natural lubricant that moisturizes the skin and causes it to glow.

* The reported 'salty' taste is from ammonia salts picked up from the urethra, these salts are very effective at de-greasing as well as having anti-bacterial properties.

* However, it also has a very distinct odor of musk which may be undesirable. * Just an FYI- skin cream is easily available in stores.

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Q: Is sperm good for your skin?
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Is sperm good for sun burn?

No. It isn't good for skin, either.

What are some thing you can do to keep you heart healthy?

Sperm, good for the skin to.

How important is milk for good skin?

As much as sperm is for a Woman's face.

Is horse sperm good for dark spots on face?

There are many products on the market for dark spots on skin. Sperm is not a component of any of these.

Is sperm good for complexion?

YES!!! Sperm not only is a natural anti-oxidant but it exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. The natural protein found in sperm helps replenish and diminish blemishes.

Can sperm travel through human skin?

No, sperm can't travel through human skin.

Does sperm help dry skin?

yes, if you let me put sperm on your skin, I promise to rub you with lotion.

Does the extra skin on a penis effect sperm development?

Extra skin on the penis does not affect sperm development.

Can sperm live on the skin?


How long does it take for sperm to die on skin?

A sperm can survive outside the body for three hours (i.e. in the skin)

How do you apply man sperm on our face for glowing skin?

You don't. Applying sperm to the face does not result in glowing skin.

What is the general shape of a nerve cell How does this shape differ Grimm the shape of a sperm or a skin-?

Sperm and skin comes in different colors and shapes. Sperm and skin come in long elongated and branched at an end.

Can you be allergic to sperm when its on your skin?

Yes, it's possible to be allergic to sperm even if it is your own sperm.

Does sperm die when it touches the skin?

In a controlled environment it will be okay for 4-6 hours. In the vagina sperm can live for 5 days. No sperm does not die immediately after touching skin.

Can sperm eat at your skin?

actually, it can, if I got you right... the proteins in sperm can cause a light allergic reaction on your skin, eg. reddness.

What covers the sperm whale?

Sperm whales are mammals, therefore they are covered by skin.

Is drinking sperms good for health?

Drinking to much could be a bad thing, So if you are going to drink it do it in small dose's.. But sperm is good for your skin...

Does sperm cure acne on the face skin?


What type of skin do sperm whales have?


What travels through skin and muscles?


How long will sperm live on your skin?

Sperm generally can live for 24 hours outside of the body, give or take. Otherwise the sperm dies.

Can sperm go travel through skin to vagina?


Is it normal for a guys sperm to be a orange color?

Yes, depending on your skin color the color of your sperm can very

What happens to skin when sperm is left on it for long period of time?

it dries... and goes flaky. i suggest rubbing it on your face as it is a good moisturiser (Y)

Sperm is good to male health?

well creating sperm or masturbating is good for your health. sperm alone doesnt really do anything.