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Yes!!!! Sperm is microscopic and therefore cannot be "wiped off".

yes but sperm needs the nutrients from the semen to stay alive, so your clearlly wiping the semen off so the sperm dies

anyway sperm dies about 5 minutes after it hits the air because they will not like the temperature of the hot area which is why your ball sack is not on the inside of your body.

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Can women get pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

Yes. Pre-ejaculate still contains sperm. Although your chances aren't as high as from normal ejaculate, it is still possible. It is best to use a condom to prevent pregnancy even from pre-ejaculate.

Can pre-ejaculate cause pregnancy if there is no penetration?

Yes, because pre-ejaculate still contains sperm.

Does pre-ejaculate causes pregnancy?

Yes, pre-ejaculate can result in pregnancy. Pre-ejaculate itself doesn't contain sperm, but if the man ejaculates and doesn't urinate sperm can remain in the urethra and thus be carried along by the pre-ejaculate. Although the number of sperm that could be in pre-ejaculate are only small compared to how many are in ejaculate, there is still a risk of pregnancy.

Is sperm still good after sex?

Until it dries the sperm is still alive.

Can you get pregnant if the guy was sleeping?

Sleeping or not, there is still sperm in his ejaculate so yes.

Can a guy get a women pregnant with pre-ejaculate?

Yes. Although the chances are lower it is possible. Pre-ejaculate still contains sperm. Use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

If you didn't release sperm and a little pre-ejaculate came out can she still get pregnant?


When a male is shooting blanks what does that mean?

Shooting blanks is a slang term to mean that when the guy ejaculates he doesn't have any sperm in the ejaculate. This situation could occur after a vasectomy. Where the guy can still ejaculate, and fluid still comes out, but there is no sperm in the fluid.

Can you get pregnant if the guy pre-ejaculate and fingers the girl?

Yes it is posiable because sperm can escape from the seamen into the pre-ejaculate, but in your case with a finger its more than likely its a no. If you have normal sex and pulls out before ejaculatting you can still get pregnant because of the pre-ejaculate still inside you could contain sperm.

Can a woman get pregnant if the man pulled out then ejaculated?

Yes; you can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculate as well because a males pre-ejaculate contains sperm.

Is sperm still alive when it's exposed to the air?


Is sperm still alive if you wet it in the shower?

Yes it is.

Can you get pregnant if you still a virgin and get pregnant off of pre-ejaculate?

Yes, you can... Pre-cum still contains some sperm in it. Also, being a virgin makes no difference to the odds of becoming pregnant.

Why does your pee smell like sperm?

Sometimes after you ejaculate, there can still be some sperm left over in the vas deferens of the penis, which is where the smell might be coming from.

Do boys still have sperm when their penis is not cut?

By "cut" I assume you're referring to circumcision. This has nothing to the production of semen or sperm. Cut or uncut, you'll still ejaculate the same way

What are the chances of pregnancy with pre-ejaculate?

Dont listen to anyone who says you cant get pregnant from pre-cum. Sperm is still being entered, just not as much.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend put his hands down his boxers for a second may have had a thin layer of pre-ejaculate then rubs his fingers along your undies and legs before fingering?

yes as the sperm can still get into your body!!!

If i had maybe got pre-ejaculate fluid on my hands and i went in the woods to finger a girl and on the way touched the ground and such does it remove sperm and not get girl pregnant?

It is unlikely that you would get pregnant this way, but it is still possible

What are your chances of getting pregnant if he doesn't finish?

Still pretty fair, maybe you have heard of 'precome'? A drop or so of Ejaculate runs the length of the urethra, with two primary functions, lubrication of the tube, and negate the deliterious affects of urine on sperm. This 'precome', is still ejaculate, and does contain sperm.

Is sperm still alive after wiping it with a paper towel?

Yes, sperm can stay alive for about 1-2 days outside of a males body..

If your boyfriend pulled out but still had not ejaculated and he had some white stuff on the side of his penis is that sperm?

Possibly. It could be the pre-ejaculate from the male or it could also be pre-ejaculate from the female.

Why would a person still have a sperm count three years after getting a vasectomy?

A man is supposed to still have a trace amount of sperm in his ejaculate up to 12 ejaculations after a vasectomy, but after that there should be absolutely none. If you are still having sperm in your semen three years after a vasectomy then it did not work.

How you get preg from pre-ejaculate?

Pre-ejaculte contains sperm/semen. Although it is not a sure fire way to become pregnant it is possible. Your chances are lower than that of normal ejaculate but you should still use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis against your vagina with pre-ejaculate but you are still a virgin?

yes, because thats were the sperm is.

If he had sperm on him from the day before could a girl still get pregnant?

I'm assuming you're asking if you had sex with him the next day and he did not ejaculate inside of you: Yes. The chances would be very slim. Usually after urinating most of the sperm gets flushed out, but there could still be some in the pre-ejaculate, even the next day.

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