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Yes. Spotting can happen between periods for several reasons. Birth Control pills, ovulation,vaginal dryness or infection and stress can all be contributing factors toward spotting between periods.

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Q: Is spotting normal at any other time besides pregnancy?
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Could spotting be the cause of something else besides pregnancy?

Spotting does not cause pregnancy. I assume you mean "does spotting indicate anything other than pregnancy?" The answer to this is, of course, yes. Spotting could indicate spotting. It's probably you period being finicky, or something along those lines.

You had a normal period last month this month you had spotting Should you take a pregnancy test?

If you are on birth control then that is normal because it is a side effect. Bleeding between periods can be pregnancy BUT its depends on the person. There are many other reasons why you can be spotting.

Is it normal if your 6 weeks and spot a little but it burns when you pee and other times?

I'm not sure if burning with urination is ever normal, and suggest seeing your doctor. Spotting can occur in a normal pregnancy, but again discuss this with your doctor.

What does it mean if your periods are 2 weeks early?

It might not really be menstruation Is the flow heavy, normal or really light If its really light it might be just spotting. Spotting is a sign of pregnancy or ovulation. If its normal to heavy maybe your cycle just changed or there are some other complication.

What are other reasons besides pregnancy that you have a light period?


Could spotting 17 days after your cycle and after having a tubal ligation 4 months ago be a sign of pregnancy even if you've had two previous normal cycles?

Spotting at mid-cycle could be a sign of just about anything from pregnancy, to a fibroid tumor, or other medical conditions. In short, check with your OB-GYN.

You are 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant and have had brown spotting for about two weeks and today had light pink spotting you have had no cramps or any other typical pregnancy symptoms Is this normal?

Yes, it is quite normal for this to happen as the uterus expands for the baby. However, if the bleeding gets heavy and is accompanied by pain it is important that you get to hospital quickly

Has anyone had light spotting but no other signs of pregnancy and still be pregnant?

Yes, that is possible. Take a test

How long does spotting as an early sign of pregnancy last?

Spotting is not an early sign of pregnancy. About 30% of women have implantation spotting for one or two days either just before or around the time of a missed period but any spotting other than this is abnormal and you should see a doctor.answerSpotting isn't normal but it can happen in pregnancy. It puts more risk on your baby cause it can cause miscarriages cause some women who have bleeding while pregnant get miscarriages others are lucky and there baby survived it. It depends on your body and not all women get spotting or Implantation bleeding. The pregnancy bleeding is nothing like a period its much lighter. Implantation bleeding can last from 1-2 days. spotting can last a few days to 6 days.

Why am i having 2 periods each month?

If one is only one day then brown spotting a couple days and the other is normal you are probably spotting during ovulation which can be normal for some people

Is spotting 10 days before your regular period a symptom of pregnancy?

Spotting alone is not an indication of pregnancy, you would have to have other symptoms to tie it in. It could be a sign of implantation. I would wait for more symptoms or a late AF before assuming PG.

Is spotting normal during 22nd week of pregnancy?

During pregnancy, Its always better to bring any unusual happening to your Doctor. Bleeding or spotting in pregnancy is never good unless its been discussed with your Doc. If they say nothing to worry, you can relax. If you are still not satisfied and feel that something is wrong, you can always consult to some other experienced doc. During 22nd week, in extreme case spotting may be the signal to pre-term labor. I would always recommend to consult with doc rather than ignoring and keep worrying. -Van.

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