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Is spousal support automatically granted in California?

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In some cases depends on the income length of time you were married It varies case by case. * No.

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Can spousal support payments be garnished in the state of California?

Are spousal support payments protected from garnishment in CA

Where can one get a spousal support?

Spousal support can be granted during divorce proceedings in a court of law. Spousal support is often issued to the spouse either not working, or the spouse working the least amount and is dependent upon the other for basic needs such as food, shelter, and vehicle expenses.

How do you get spousal support?

The only way to get spousal support is to have a judge award the support during a divorce. An attorney can help you file the necessary paperwork for spousal support.

Can a spouse waiver spousal support by not enforcing a spousal support order?

No. The spousal support order remains in effect until it is modified by the court.

Can you file for California spousal support if divorced in Indiana after meeting California residenty requirements?

Yes you are very much entitled to it now.

Can you get spousal support without divorce?

If you're in the US, you might be able to get temporary spousal support during a legal separation (I say 'might', because spousal support is not always awarded).

How many years would a wife expect to receive spousal support after a 24 year marriage in the state of California?

in the state of ca. if you've been married 24 yrs you can expect to pay spousal support for 12 yrs.,

Can they garnish unemployment for spousal support?

Yes. Spousal and child support are the only unemployment benefits that can be garnished.

Can I lose spousal support if my boyfriend moves in?

You can lose spousal support if your boyfriend moves in with you. It is up to the courts to determine this.

Is child and spousal payments protected from garnishment in AZ?

only child support. Spousal support is taxable income.

If you get child support from the father of your child can you get marital spousal child support?

There's no such thing as "marital spousal child support." You might be able to get spousal support ("alimony" or "maintenance") for a brief period to allow you to become self-sufficient.

What is a spousal support lawyer?

"A spousal support lawyer is an attorney who mediates between the parties and makes sure that everything is done legally, professionally and amicably when spousal support (alimony) is part of a divorce settlement."

Can you receive spousal support if you are not marrief and have a child?

No; as the term implies, spousal support is for spouses. However, you ought to be able to receive child support.

What does Terminate the court's jurisdiction to award spousal support to Petitioner mean?

the petitoner is asking the court to deny spousal support

Is a California order for spousal support legally enforceable in North Carolina?

The US Constitution requires States to give "full faith and credit" to the laws and orders of other States. However, the mechanisms for enforcing spousal support are much more limited than those for enforcing child support.

Can ssi disability be taken for spousal support not child support?


Can you collect spousal support if you lose your job?

Voluntary spousal support is always possible. Enforced support is obtained through a court order and doesn't depend on employment.

Can a current wife's income be considered in calculating her husband's spousal support to his ex-wife?

No. The spousal support is a responsibility of the husband only.

What are the rquriements for spousal support?

"requirements" ... these vary by jurisdiction but typically spousal support is temporary, to give the spouse opportunity to become self-sufficient.

Is spousal support considered income?


What is retroactive spousal support?

Often, the issues arises about the payment of spousal support for the period of time between the date of separation and the signing of the separation agreement or a court order. This is called retroactive spousal support. more info:

Can you still get a spousal support even though you divorce already?

Once the divorce is final you can't go back and now ask for spousal support. Part of a divorce severing of economic ties. If spousal support wasn't part of the final decree, you are out of luck.

Where can one find a lawyer for spousal support?

Lawyers are widely available, and are available for a variety of legal issues. For spousal support, you can be referred through a marriage counselor or other type of family support system. Lawyers for spousal support can also be found through courts and your local legal counselor.

How long does it take to get spousal and child support from the courts?

Spousal support is not a guarantee, so it can take years to settle. Child support takes 6-8 weeks to fully process.

Can you sue your ex husband for backchild support and back spousal support?