Is spyware dangerous?

By Khalid Betani
Most of the spyware used today is fairly innocent as it is most commonly used to monitor Internet habits in order to send out target advertisements. Spyware is also commonly found in conjunction with adware and can be harmless. However, there are some types of spyware that can be used to monitor much more than just your online surfing habits. Spyware is capable of monitoring information about other things like, email addresses, passwords, web pages you visited, hard drive information, and credit card information.
The most dangerous part about spyware is that your information can be monitored and sent to third parties without your knowledge. Which means that any information that spyware can get to, can be sent anywhere else. Can you see the dangers in personal and private information getting into the wrong hands? It's for this reason alone that if spyware is found on your computer you should immediately remove it; you have no idea where or who it can go to.