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Is steam a type of heat wave a type?

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No, steam is water as a gas.

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Heat wave, a prolonged period of unusually hot weather

It is heat energy. The turbine turns heat energy into mechanical energy.

Heat radiation is mainly associated with infrared radiation.

Heat. The heat boils water to create steam to drive steam turbines to generate electricity.

Any type of heat source can be used to generate steam.

Staraptor can't learn Heat Wave... Only Fire-Type Pokemon can.

A heat wave is a prolonged but minor "drought" that occurs in an area that varies by the air pressure and the weather conditions. If you are referring to the electromagnetic wave that is felt as heat then it is "infra red" or thermal radiation.

It's not a wave. It's a period of extremely hot weather that continues for several days (or weeks).

'Heat' is the best kind of EM wave to use for warming.

Electricity and steam. In some locations the steam is used to heat homes and businesses.

A steam engine uses water, steam, and heat.

Steam is only produced by consuming some type of fuel(i.e. oil,gas,electric,wood etc). You use a fuel to boil water to make steam and the steam becomes a way of moving energy(heat).What are you heating water or air,with the gas heat?

Thermal energy (heat) and Kinetic energy (movement).

The ones called "heat waves", or infrared radiation.

A nuclear reaction will liberate large amounts of heat energy. This heat is used to heat water in the boilers to produce steam. Note: Nuclear energy isn't changed into heat in the boiler. Nuclear energy generates heat in the reactor core where fission occurs. The heat is transferred into the primary coolant there. The primary coolant, which is circulated by pumps, transfers heat to turn secondary water into steam in the steam generators (boilers). From there the steam is sent down the steam lines to drive turbines.

I wouldn't say the wave is 'used'. They're called "heat waves", and the heat lamp generates them.If you want to sound smarter, especially to yourself, you can call them "infrared radiation".

no. a heat wave is weather, a heat stroke is a health condition.

The strongest type of wave is a L wave. The weakest type of wave is a P wave. the neutral type of wave is a S wave

If you heat steam under pressure you get "superheated steam" under higher than original pressure

It is call radiation heat transfer. The radiation is photon and is the electromagnetic wave.

In1904 there was a long heat wave.

A heat wave has no speed. It only has temperature.

everyone that is still alive??

No. A heat wave is a prolonged spell of extremely hot weather. There would be no snow. Rain is not usual during a heat wave either.

No. Radiant heat is an electromagnetic wave, and EM waves are transverse waves.

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