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Yes, strawberry blonde is a real hair color, and it is beautiful.


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Adam Lambert's natural hair color is strawberry blonde.

It's naturally strawberry blonde, but she died it black for the Peas "New Style" but it's actually strawberry blonde...She has a dirty blonde color with a touch of brown

Take this from a real strawberry blonde. I'm pale and my hair (according to, like, everyone) look great with my skin. Btw, my hair is natural. the #1 skin tone for strawberry blonde would be pale, i mean seriously? have u ever seen what snookie would look like if she dyed her hair strawberry blonde? not good.

blonde is not a real color but actually a hair color. people use the word blonde as a slang word for "yellow hair". Blonde is a true hair colour. I was born blonde & both my children were also born blonde.

christina aguilera real hair color is medium blonde. Then dye her hair more blonde.

her hair coulor is strawberry blonde and a bit of jinger

Andy Biersack's real hair color is blonde.

His real hair color is dirty blonde but he lightens it. I want his hair. :(

His natural hair color is blonde.

Real redheads tend to have about the same color concentration in all their hair, so natural (no bleach, no dye, no sunbleaching) strawberry blondes will usually have strawberry blonde or red pubic hair, and facial hair and armpit hair and leg hair and nose hair.

Chelsea Staub did not dye her hair blonde, that is her real hair color.

Yes it is a real hair colour . Hope I helped

Kesha's hair colour is dirty blonde.

her natural hair color is strawberry blond but then she died it to flame red. Her current color (as of Nov 09) is blonde with a blue streak in the front. brown, with natural blond heighlights, i do believe. Her natural hair color is a dirty blond! If you don't know why that is it's a brunette with blonde highlights! When she was younger she had blonde hair that's why most people thinks she's a blond but she isn't see I am a dirty blonde and I had beach blonde hair when I was younger! She said in an interview that as she has gotten older her hair has gotten a real dark brown

Lady Gaga is a blonde. Gaga gets her hair dyed so often, that it is hard to tell. But, her real, true hair color is blonde.

NO, the Undertaker's natural hair color is red.

nope that is her real hair except for the color her natural hair color is Blonde

hi im Stephanie my real hair color is dirty blonde ..

her original color is brown but she dyes it like a golden blonde color

It'd bleached blonde. She's quoted as saying she isn't a real blonde However its never revealed (so far) what her natural hair color is

Her real hair color is a dark brown brown. Almost black but is not. Even though most people think its BLONDE!

I'm pretty sure it's brown but you can check out some old pictures from 2004 and 2005. She said she doesn't even know the real color of her hair anymore.her natural hair color is strawberry blond but then she died it to flame red. Her current color (as of Nov 09) is blonde with a blue streak in the front.brown, with natural blond heighlights, i do believe.she says that it used to be red but now she says that it is a really light brown. if you go onto spin magazines website and search paramore there should be an article about her answering a certain number of questions and her hair color is one of them that is where i got the answer i put above.In her Baby pictures, it is very light blonde, almost clear!It might just be strawberry blonde because in some of her old pictures show a blondish reddish which is strawberry blonde

Miranda Cosgrove's real hair color is brown. Jennette McCurdy's real hair color is blonde. Elvis Presley's real hair color is blackish brown. You are not the least bit specific at all in this question, so there is no possible way to know who you are talking about.

the brown that he has at this moment, without the blonde streaks.

Blonde. She has said that her hair is naturally like Hilarie Burtons

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