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Is strontium flammable?

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Yes it is
First of all, never say, "Is a substance flammability,' because in college professors will not just drill you, you'll have a bad reputation around campus for low knowledge of grammar; say is strontium FLAMMABLE. And yes, strontium is flammable.

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What is the chemical name for strontium?

Strontium is strontium (Sr) !

Does strontium iodate or strontium carbonate precipitate?

Yes, I know strontium iodate does.

What is strontium made of?

Strontium is an element, a metal to be specific. It simply is made of strontium.

Do strontium have an odor?

No, strontium is odorless.

Chemical symbol for strontium chloride?

Formula: SrCl2Formula: SrCl2.6H2OElements: Chlorine, Hydrogen, Oxygen, StrontiumCAS Number: 10476-85-4Synonyms/Related:(85-Sr) Strontium chlorideC13506D02006MetastronMetastron (TN)Metastron, aqueous solution of active ingredient strontium-89 chloride, a pure beta emitter with half-life of 50.5 daysSrCl2Stronscan-85Strontium (Stable Strontium Chloride)Strontium ChlorideStrontium chloride ((sup 85) SrCl2)Strontium chloride ((sup 89) SrCl2)Strontium chloride (Sr-85)Strontium chloride (SrCl2)Strontium chloride Sr 85Strontium chloride sr 85 [USAN]Strontium chloride Sr 89Strontium chloride Sr 89 (USP)Strontium chloride sr 89 [USAN]Strontium(89Sr) chlorideStrontium(89Sr) chloride (JAN)Strontium-85 chlorideStrontium-89 chloride

The most common isotope of strontium is?

Strontium-88 It is the closest to the Strontium atomic mass.

What is 2 chemical properties for strontium?

The valence of strontium is 2+.The electronegativity of strontium is 0,95.

Which will have a larger electronegativity barium or strontium?


What is the symbol for strontium?

The symbol for Strontium is "Sr".

What is the name of the strontium ion?

Strontium Ion

Which one is larger magnesium or strontium?


What is the chemical formula for strontium and cholrine?

Strontium and chlorine react to form strontium chloride with the formula SrCl2.

What are facts about strontium?

Strontium reduces the incidence of cavities. Strontium is a common element which is usually found in your bones. Strontium is an alkaline earth material. Strontium is a soft, silvery metal, but oxidizes to a yellowish color. Strontium is used in producing glass from color TV picture tubes. Strontium is used to produce ferrite magnets and to refine zinc.

What is the chemical formula for strontium sulfide?

strontium sulfide

Symbol for strontium?

the chemical symbol for strontium is "Sr"

What is the charge on the strontium ion?

Strontium has a charge of (+2).

What is the formula for strontium chromate?

Strontium Chromate = SrCrO4

Strontium and iodine formula?

strontium iodide: SrI2

What is the compound formed by oxygen and strontium?

Strontium Oxide

Will strontium blind you?

strontium will blind because of its light

Is strontium a molecule?

Strontium is a chemical element, not a molecule.

How to convert strontium carbonate into strontium oxide?

It decomposes.

What is the difference between a strontium atom and a strontium ion?

A Strontium atom has same number of electrons as its protons. But a Strontium ion has 2 electrons less than its atom.

What ISN'T flammable?

Water is not flammable. The noble gases are not flammable.

Where does the name strontium come from?

Strontian is a place in Scotland. Strontium Carbonate was discovered there. not the same questions as to who discovered strontium